5 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Home Décor for 2022

When you’re decorating your home, you want to put your personality into the décor, and there are many creative ways to do this. From funky patterned wallpaper to quirky decorative pieces, don’t be afraid to try something different. Have fun discovering your taste in home décor while making your home a comfortable place to be.

Personalize Home Decor

Custom Print Wallpaper

If there are no commercially available wallpapers available that bring you joy, consider having a custom print wallpaper made. Doing this gives you complete control over the colors used, allowing it to tie in with the color theme of your home. You can also design your own print, be it funky artwork for a feature wall or your favorite flower. The only limit is your imagination and the size of the wall to be covered.

Unique Decorative Pieces

Whether you’re a veteran or just an admirer of military paraphernalia, there are many clever ways to incorporate this. Try a USMC NCO sword mounted as a feature above the fireplace or door to stunning effect. Another way to tastefully integrate military features in your home is with a display case for medals or challenge coins. These items have sentimental value and interesting stories attached to them, so don’t keep them hidden away; display them with pride.


House plants are a fantastic way to bring color and movement into your interior design. Plants work well in any sized home as they come in all sizes, from tiny to tree. Even if you think you’re not great at keeping plants alive, many plants need little care while looking attractive. House plants have the added benefits of improving the air quality in your home and are a soothing presence and thus excellent for mental health.

Reclaimed Furniture

The furniture you put in your home doesn’t need to be from the same chain store as everyone else. Reclaimed items can be turned into stunning items of furniture that are truly unique pieces. A coffee table made from a piece of disused farm machinery will become the ultimate talking piece of your home. And as these items are handmade labors of love, you’ll be assured that you are purchasing an item of excellent quality.

Travel Mementos 

Travel can profoundly affect people, shaping their worldview and thus how they live their life after. If you’ve traveled a lot, the likelihood is you’ve picked up souvenirs of other cultures along the way. Displaying these items bring a lot of personality to a home and is a lovely reminder of the places you’ve explored. Don’t forget to include your holiday snaps here, as a stunning view will make a gorgeous print for your home.

So, as you can see, there are many imaginative ways you can inject your personality into your home décor. You don’t need fancy interior design, just a few personal touches that reflect who you are and where you’ve been. Being adventurous doesn’t mean going over the top with the whole house if you don’t want to. A few well-placed items are enough.

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