Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Moms

Choosing and buying gifts for anyone is hard enough but getting something for a new mom often proves extra tricky. Getting her something practical that helps her out with the baby and the million other chores she has to do throughout the day seems like a pretty good bet. 

However, at the same time, something fun and relaxing also sounds like something a new momma desperately needs so she can catch a break from the never-ending diaper changing and wailing in the day. 

Whether it’s the holiday season coming up, her birthday or you want to get the new mother something nice. There is tons of stuff out there that you can get for a new mother that can make her life easier and fun at the same time.

Gift Ideas for New Moms

Professional Photo Shoot 

The digital age may have dawned, but getting a professional photoshoot of the newborn baby done is even more, if not equally, important. Give this gift early, preferably before the baby turns two weeks old, so the parents have a photograph that they can treasure their whole life. 

Handwritten Notes

Encouragement and appreciation for the new parents may be hard to come by. When the baby is crying 24/7, and the parents are knee-deep in poop, it’s easy to lose motivation. Ask the new mommy’s friends and family to write little notes of encouragement and appreciation to cheer on the parents so they can see the silver lining when the days look bleak.

Food Basket

The new mommy may feel tired after pregnancy and the feeding and might not have the energy to make fresh and healthy food for herself, which her body requires. Make a food basket filled with snacks, fruits, nuts, granola bars, or just good ol’ home-cooked meals to fill mommy’s tummy.

Foot Spa Set

Carrying a baby for 9 whole months is no small feat- and it’s not easy on the feet either. Gift the new mother a spa gift card or a pedicure that will relieve the tension and bloating from her feet as well as her mind.

Nursing Outfits

It’s easy to let yourself go when the newborn baby seems too demanding. The new mother may feel insecure about her looks, especially post-pregnancy. Get the new mom some cute tops and outfits that are easy and comfortable for her to wear while nursing and that she may feel beautiful in at the same time.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning the home falls at the bottom of the mommy’s priority list because taking care of the baby and other chores takes time and energy. Please send in the cleaners or a few friends to check in on the new mother and vacuum the house or fold laundry to make the job a little easier for her.

Dry Shampoo

Bathing the baby and washing their poop six times a day means that mothers barely get to shower at the end of the day. Dry shampoo helps the mom look presentable enough in front of the guests coming to welcome the baby.

Baby Crib Sheets Set

Baby clothes and sheets have to endure a lot of throwing up and diaper malfunctions. The sheets stain very quickly, no matter how much you may try to save them. Baby crib sheets and clothes with fun patterns are a practical gift with a cute side that the new parents will appreciate.

Hand and Foot Moulds

The babies grow up so fast that you barely get to see them small. Getting molds made of the baby’s tiny hands and feet is a beautiful way of immortalizing memories of the newborn.

Baby Scrapbook

The mother has so much on her plate, but she still desires to capture and preserve all her baby’s milestones. Gifting a baby scrapbook will help her preserve all her baby’s firsts, whether it’s their first step, laugh, or even the growth of their first set of teeth.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are probably the best invention ever made. They make the baby feel safe and snug, so they feel like their parents are being held cozily. Gifting the parents can help keep the baby calm and happy so the parents can check off other important things from their to-do lists.

Skincare Set

Pregnancy can be tough on the body, and it often shows on the new mother’s exterior. The newborn baby is so demanding at times that mothers often forget to look after themselves too. Make a small basket for the mother which contains shower gels, moisturizers, and all sorts of makeup so she can take a well-deserved ‘me day’ for herself and relax.

Subscription to a Baby Club

This is one of the most unique and thoughtful gift ideas that any mom or mom-to-be would love. Subscription to a baby club – that’s what all moms need!

While there are various options available online when it comes to choosing a baby club or mom club community, these clubs and online communities offer a variety of rewards and benefits for mommies. This includes tips on how to take care of your baby, medical advice, fun stories, recreational ideas, a shopping gallery, discounts, and free baby stuff. 

Yes, there are a lot of baby clubs offering free baby stuff for mommies. With this feature, you can get your hands on freebies from your favorite baby brands. If you join Your Baby Club UK, you can check out their ‘Free Baby Box’ section.

Apart from this, these baby clubs also bring in a pool of new and experienced moms together and give them an opportunity to socialize and share their experiences. It gives them a sense of community and makes them feel extra special. 

The Bottom Line 

Being a mother is a full-time job, so make sure that whatever gift you choose for a new mom has to be an extra special one. Choose a gift that adds value to a mom’s life and makes things a little easier for her. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading our list of thoughtful gift ideas for new moms. If you have any more suggestions or ideas to add to this list, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. 

Good luck!

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