The Top 4 Street Art Masterpieces In Paisley: How Did They Make It

Paisley is a small town in the central belt of Scotland. It’s not just a place to stop by on your way through, but it has some incredible street art that you need to see! The artwork has brought a new fire to the town and boasts some of the best street art you can find. 

If you’re planning on traveling around the UK, this town should be at the top of your list because these four murals are some of the best in all of Paisley.

The Top 4 Street Art Masterpieces In Paisley

4 Street Art Masterpieces

One of the biggest questions you have when looking at these beautiful murals is how did they make them? The artist combined their painting skills along with specialized knowledge on how to paint on buildings. This includes using paints that won’t be damaged due to weather. You can learn more at ThatPainter on how to paint murals and different painting techniques that can take your own work to the next level. Murals take a lot of time and effort and also require some skill and knowledge. 

That can be seen with the murals in Paisley. Here are 4 of the top street art found at Paisley’s mural trail. 

1) The Kingfisher Mural at Johnson Street by Mark Worst and Ross Dinnett

The Mural is a memorial to naturalist Alexander Wilson, who is noted as one of Paisley’s unknown sons. Wilson is credited with the creation of ornithology as a science. He spent his life traveling and studying wildlife. Originally a weaver poet, Wilson went on to paint hundreds of illustrations of birds on his travels. 

The artist had to learn how to use the special pulley to allow them to paint this mural. They also did safety training at this time. The mural also depicts the Coats Memorial Church which was made in memory of Thomas Coats. 

2) Reborn at Lady Lane By Kevin Cantwell

The piece represents rebirth. It features a tree with roots that is slowly regrowing its leaves. The leaves are done in a Paisley pattern to pay homage to the town. In a way, the piece is like the town, going through trials only to be reborn and given a new start. That’s what these art pieces are, a breath of fresh air. 

3) Buddie at Storie Street by Caroline Gormley and Sandy Guy

This mural was made to encourage children to be curious and explorative with art. It is of the seven-year-old Eva Rose Ross who won a competition that allowed her to be commemorated in the mural. The artists worked through the snow to complete this work of art and the final result is beautiful. It truly reminds the audience to be child-like and to stay curious in their outlook on life. 

4) And Breathe at Lawn Street by Duncan Wilson

Artist Duncan Wilson worked with Made in The Mill with this mural to help bring awareness to mental health issues. The combined effort is to bring awareness to mental health but also show how art and creativity can be used to help with recovery. As mental health is something that many suffer from, this was a special project. It took a total of 10 days to complete and is one of the most famous murals in Paisley. 

Tips to Painting A Mural 

If you’re curious and considering painting a mural here are a few tips to get you started.

  • You will want to create a sketch of the mural before you start painting. This way, you can make sure that it’s interesting and balanced for people who are viewing it from afar or up close.
  • It is important to use colors that contrast with each other so they stand out against one another. A great example of this would be using yellow and blue together.
  • It is important to have a focal point for your mural, so you will want to keep that in mind when making sure the design has balance.
  • The best way to paint something like this would be with brushes and rollers! This way, it’s easier to cover an entire wall or even multiple walls at once.
  • It’s important to use good quality paint that will last outside and weather the elements.
The Top 4 Street Art Masterpieces In Paisley

Street art is an amazing way to express oneself and leave a lasting impression on the world. Paisley, Scotland has some of the best street art most have seen in their lives! Whether it’s showcasing your own style or relating back to personal experiences, these examples will help inspire you when creating your next masterpiece. You don’t have to be from Paisley to appreciate how beautiful these pieces are—you just need time for travel and appreciation for the great artwork!

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