Five Reasons to Visit Luxembourg

Madison and I were invited by the country of Luxembourg to explore their beautiful land. All opinions are my own.

Before I got the opportunity to visit Luxembourg, I’ll admit – I knew virtually nothing about the country.

I knew it was small and located in Europe, but as I started to research my trip to Luxembourg, I was astonished to learn how much Luxembourg has to offer. It’s a far departure from the hustle and bustle you’ll find in larger European capitals – and, frankly, a welcome change of pace.

When I mentioned that I was visiting Luxembourg with my family in London, my cousin stated: “Who goes to Luxembourg? No-one goes there!”. And that’s precisely why you should! Not sure why you should add Luxembourg to your next European itinerary? Here are five reasons you should want to visit Luxembourg:

The Castles

Despite its small size, Luxembourg is home to several castles from various periods in the country’s history. You can admire medieval castles, explore classical Renaissance chateaus, and tour stunning buildings that look like they’ve been pulled straight from a classic fairy tale. Some of the top castles in the country include Vianden Castle (located in Vianden), the Grand Ducal Palace (in Luxembourg city), and the Château d’Ansembourg (in Ansembourg).

The Museums

Despite Luxembourg’s small size, it’s home to a surprising number of museums. Ranging from art galleries that spotlight paintings and sculptures from various periods to museums that focus on history, industry, and other facets of life in Luxembourg, you’ll find no shortage of ways to take advantage of Luxembourg’s rich culture. Some of the best the country has to offer are:

The Size

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest countries. This makes it incredibly easy to experience in one trip, compared to countries like France and Germany, where you can only hope to experience a couple of cities on any given trip. It’s easy to travel between the different cities of Luxembourg, and nature is always nearby.

The Food

Believe it or not, Luxembourg is home to a pretty impressive dining scene. If fine dining is your thing, you’ll find multiple Michelin-starred restaurants to make reservations at. And if not? You’ll still be delighted by the caliber of the meals you eat throughout the country.

The food in Luxembourg is largely influenced by neighboring France and Germany. You’ll find lots of French pastries, tarts, and other desserts, along with hearty, humble dishes inspired by German favorites.

The Nature

Luxembourg is proud of its natural beauty, and it’s easy to understand why. Despite its small size, it’s home to nine different nature reserves. They offer an impressive amount of variety for such a small country – you’ll find forests, cliffs, red rocks, and more. These parks are great spots to go hiking, bike, jog, or simply reconnect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

From fairy tale castles and unspoiled natural beauty to cultural attractions and incredible eats, there are lots of great reasons to visit Luxembourg. Add it to your next European itinerary – you won’t be disappointed!

Madison and I were invited by the country of Luxembourg to explore their beautiful land. All opinions are my own.
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