5 Exclusive Things to Do or See in London

Looking for unique adventures in one of the greatest cities on Earth? Here are five exclusive things you won’t want to miss when visiting London.

I love London, no if’s and’s or but’s about it, and I do wish I was still there. We had an amazing three week vacation there, and sure while there are no shortage of things to do or see in London, there are few things that I think you just have to do if you’re in London. If you’ve visited or even live in London, you may appreciate my list. Most tourists think of Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace, but there are a few things that don’t cost any money at all and will make your trip a little bit more “British”. Let’s begin!

1. Ride the Red Double-Decker Bus

This was Madison’s favorite thing to do. The iconic red double-decker buses are a must do in London, and don’t worry, there’s no shortage of these buses around. The 176 that you see below was the one we took almost daily on our outings, since it was a minute’s walk from our home. If you plan on using public transportation while in London, then the chances of this is very high and don’t forget your Oyster Card, it makes transfers to the train system and other buses a lot easier.

2. Take a photo with the Red Mailbox

Another iconic symbol of the British. This, however, might take a little searching to find and we only managed to locate 2 of them throughout the entire 3 weeks we were there. Just like other free standing mailboxes, these are used to deposit your outgoing mail. So if you find one, be sure to get your picture because you may not find one again.

3. Get into a Red Phone Booth

Don’t you just love the British and their love of the color red? Yet another must do and most certainly the one that most tourists think of when it comes to London. That red iconic telephone booth. This was a lot easier to find than the mailbox, but because I wasn’t sure I would find more, we took photos of the ones that we saw.

4. Get a photo with a guard in red.

I just want to continue our red loving trend, so don’t forget that once you’ve gotten your red double-decker bus, the red mail box and the red telephone booth, you’re definitely going to want to get a photo of a guard wearing red. The Buckingham Palace isn’t the only place you can see them. On our excursion to Buckingham Palace the guards were in blue. The one below we were able to get at St. James’ Palace. Pretty much any of the palaces may have a guard in red.

5. Stroll along the South Banks!

There is a plethora of things to see and do along London’s South Banks. Besides the awesome view that you will get of the Thames River, Big Ben and the Coca-Cola London Eye, there are entertainers, musicians, living statues, you can even catch a bubble or two, and don’t forget to ride the carousel. This is the place that you most definitely want to go. Now all of the above, except for the guard, you can find in and around London’s South Banks, making the South Banks one of your must do while you’re in London.

So the next time you find yourself in London, or if you’re planning on taking your very first trip to London, don’t forget to get photos of these London icons.

Let’s discuss: What would you most want a photo of while in London? 

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