Six Tips To Survive A Summer Trip To Disney World ~ #Disney

Despite being the most popular time of year for families to travel to Disney World, experiencing the parks during the summer months can be a little tough. Florida weather is at its hottest and rainiest during the summer months, and you’ll combat everything from big crowds and long waits to sunburns and mosquitos. However, there are definitely some steps you can take to make your Disney World experience a lot more enjoyable if you’re determined to go during the summer. Here are six tips to help you survive your summer trip to Disney World:

Embrace the Mid-Afternoon Nap.

The typical summer day in Florida is hot and sunny, with a strong storm or two in the mid-afternoon. Plan to start your day early to take advantage of the cooler morning hours. Instead of sticking it out in the parks as long as possible, consider heading back to the hotel for an hour or so in the afternoon. You’ll have a chance to take a nap, have a snack, and freshen up before returning to the parks once the afternoon showers have passed.

Bring a Poncho. 

Even if you plan to return to your hotel room for a few hours to miss the worst of the afternoon storms, odds are you’ll still be caught in one or two surprise downpours while you’re in the parks. Instead of forking out way too much cash for an overpriced poncho or umbrella in the park, include this on your packing list and find them at a discount before you go. I recommend ponchos over umbrellas because they’re small and lightweight, making them easy to carry, and can often be found for a dollar or less, so you won’t feel bad disposing of them when the rain stops.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen. 

Getting a sunburn is a surefire way to make your vacation way less fun, so it’s important to put on sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays. Between walking from ride to ride and standing in line in the hot Florida sun, you’ll need to cover up with a high SPF sunblock – and reapply throughout the day. You’ll sweat it off faster than you can believe with the humidity.

Bring a Misting Fan.

Like I mentioned before, you’ll definitely spend some time waiting in line if you visit Disney World during the summer. Unfortunately, very few rides offer air-conditioned queues, meaning you’ll be out in the heat while you wait for your turn to ride. One way to make the wait a lot more bearable is to invest in a handheld misting spray fan – something like the one Madison is holding below, which we bought at Disney World. The light breeze combined with the mist is surprisingly refreshing and will help the whole family keep their cool – literally and figuratively – as you wait.

Stay Hydrated. 

If you aren’t from a place that experiences humid conditions, you may be surprised by just how much you sweat, even when you’re walking slowly or just standing still. It’s essential to replenish the water you’re losing by drinking lots of water. Bring a refillable water bottle and take advantage of water fountains scattered throughout the parks to fill them up often.

Have Patience. 

Summer is peak season at Disney World. Chances are, you’ll face big crowds, long lines, and at least one or two minor inconveniences, like ride closures or show cancellations, while you’re there. Don’t let these things get in the way of your family’s vacation. Instead, come to terms with it before you go and be patient as you make your way through the parks.

It’s hard to have a bad time while you’re at Disney World, but a trip during the summer can definitely come with a couple of inconveniences. Whether you’re up against the weather, the crowds, or a combination of the two, these tips will help you make the most of your time in the parks.

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