How To Visit Rome On A Budget

Rome is a top destination for many travelers, but lots of people avoid making the trip. Why? In many cases, money is the reason. People are quick to assume international travel is expensive – and while it certainly isn’t always cheap, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down and experience new places without draining your bank account.

This is true for many cities, including Rome. While it’s admittedly easy to spend way more than you hoped to in the Italian capital, with a little conscious effort and planning, you can easily visit Rome on a budget – and have an amazing time.

Not sure how? Here are a few tips to help make it happen:

Visit During the Slowe Season 

I’ll be honest – a city like Rome doesn’t truly have a slow season. It’s always buzzing with tourists, regardless of the time of year, but some times are worse than others. And if you’re trying to save money on your trip, you won’t want to find yourself there during peak tourist times.

Instead, plan to visit during the winter months – Christmas excluded, of course. Planning a trip to Italy in late November or early December is a great way to experience Rome without a ton of people. Alternately, waiting until January or February, once the holiday madness has passed, will let you experience the city at a slightly slower pace and at a more affordable price.

Take Advantage of Free Attractions

An easy way to keep costs down on your trip to Rome? Fill your itinerary with activities that don’t cost much – or anything at all. While there are certainly a number of sites throughout the city you’ll need to pay to enjoy, Rome is home to a surprising number of attractions and must-see stops that are entirely free to enjoy…

Buy Tickets in Advance

For those attractions and experiences, you want to take advantage of that do cost something, don’t wait until you arrive in Rome to purchase tickets. Instead, look online and order them early. There are lots of websites and third-party sellers that offer tickets to some of Rome’s biggest attractions at a discounted rate, and you can find bundle deals, and sightseeing passes – like the Roma Pass – to keep costs manageable if many of your must-do’s are included with the pass.

Keep Food Costs Down

It can be easy to get wrapped up in a good meal, only to find you’ve spent far too much on food and wine when the final bill arrives. While you shouldn’t be afraid to treat yourself to one or two prime dining experiences, if you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll want to steer clear of the overpriced, underwhelming tourist traps.

For a more affordable – and more delicious – dining experience, eat at local trattorias. These local spots are smaller and less formal than most restaurants, and some don’t even print a menu, but you’re almost always guaranteed to find fresh, tasty meals at a great price.

From finding affordable food and free attractions to planning your trip during Rome’s slow season, there are plenty of ways to plan a Rome vacation on a budget. Keep these things in mind as you plan your trip and you’ll be well on your way to keeping costs low. And if this is your first time visiting Rome, there are a few things you must do on your first trip to Rome.

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