6 Tips to Successfully Mix Business Travel with Pleasure

Everything that has the word “business” in it makes it repellant to a lot of employees. Not a lot of people adore traveling alone or with colleagues, they know, superficially. This is reasonable as business trips usually involve another task or assignment we need to complete. But did you know that business travel doesn’t have to be so burdensome?

By mixing business and pleasure, you’re creating an opportunity to get to know a new city, area, country, or even a new culture! But how can you do that if you’re occupied by business thoughts and assignments?

1. Book Additional Days If Possible

Staying a couple of more days after the business part of your trip is over is a fantastic way of introducing some pleasure to your life. Ask your company about a couple of days extra, or take two or even three vacation days to kick back and relax.

Even if you’re not going to an exotic destination, having some free time to look forward to after you’re done with meetings, conventions, and congresses is a perfect mini vacation. What can you do if your company doesn’t approve of this? Well, you could include a weekend in your trip, or simply find other ways to enjoy the new destination for the short time being.

2. Set A Travel Goal

Going on a business trip can be a boring disaster. That’s why setting a travel goal can enhance the experience and create a memorable adventure for you. Even though the destination you are visiting can be dull at first glance, researching it will shine a new light on it and help you set your goals. So, how is it done?

For instance, if the place is cut off from civilization, set yourself a goal to meet local people and talk to them about it. Another fun and productive way to spend a vacation is exploring local paths, libraries, museums, or unique places. Your goal may revolve around seeing as many monuments as possible for a short time or taking photographs of statues around town. Make it fun and you’ll enjoy it more!

3. Take Advantage Of Perks And Benefits

When organizing a business trip, companies usually book hotels for their employees. Most high-end hotels cater to businessmen and organize different types of events for them. In addition to that, those hotels offer a wide range of perks, from buffets to spa and massage treatments. So, why don’t you use them?!

Spending a nice afternoon by the pool sipping cocktails is a nice way to mix in some pleasure. Heading for a relaxing massage in-between the meetings can help you loosen up and get your mind off of work for a while. Some hotels also offer free tours of tourist attractions, check them out if you have a chance.

4. Separate Business From Personal

In some cases, businesses won’t pay for your accommodation, especially if you’re staying for additional days. But that isn’t the end of the world. You can still enjoy your half business, half pleasure trip to a new destination. How? Separate business from personal matters, quite literally.

Whether you have your own company or work for someone else, getting separate bills and checks will ease the process once you return. Ensure you get your work-related costs refunded once you get back to the office, but keep personal spending, such as museum tickets, on your tab. That way, you’ll avoid confusion and any tax-related disasters that may come out of it.

5. Stay Up To Date While You’re Away

One of the biggest issues when mixing business trips with pleasure is getting carried away. Sometimes people get so relaxed that they forget they are on business duty. So, even if you need to relax and rewind after meetings and events, consider staying up to date while you’re away.

Chatting with colleagues and checking your email now and then can’t hurt. But the best way to gather all the information you need without spending all day on your phone is by visiting an internal website. Such platforms keep everyone informed no matter where they are and are beneficial for in-house communication. So, don’t spend an entire day replying to emails when you can simply check an intranet and stay up to date.

6. Explore Local Events

Chances are you won’t have any business-related activities in the evening. That is an ideal chance to catch your breath and mix in some pleasure. Explore local events and try out new activities while you’re there. Where should you find such activities?

Ask your hotel receptionist or host for any events happening in town. You can also join some local groups where cultural events such as gigs and museum exhibitions are shared. To get the most out of your trip, get to know the dynamics of the place and try to learn as much as you can about the local culture.

In Conclusion

As you can see, business trips don’t have to be too formal or boring. If you mix in pleasure at appropriate times, you’ll have a perfect mini-vacation to look forward to! So, grasp every travel opportunity you have, as many people would love to be in your shoes! 

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