Amazing Animals You Can Meet While You’re Traveling

Amazing Animals You Can Meet While You're Traveling

Traveling lets you embark on a new adventure. It allows you to change the scenery, meet other people, and try new activities. Another perk of traveling is getting to see beautiful and unique animals all around the world. One thing we can all agree on is that videos of cute animals on the internet immediately capture our hearts. 

You get to the live experience with cuddly, cute, or exotic animals when you meet them. You also learn a lot about what they look like, how they survive, and how we can help protect them from extinction. Here is a list of some wonderful animals you can see on your next trip.

Amazing Animals You Can Meet While You're Traveling


The fuzzy, black, and white bears bring tourists from all over the world to China. They are a national treasure, and they always bring a smile to people with their playful antics. Panda’s diet mostly consists of bamboo shoots despite being carnivorous. They also eat sugar cane, wild tubers, grass, and yams. Pandas eat most of the day, especially that bamboo has little nutritional value. So, they could eat more than a dozen kilos per day. The rest of the time, pandas are either relaxing or sleeping. They communicate with each other through calls sounding like bear huffs, and they use scent marks. 


It is satisfying when a parrot repeats whatever you say. Of course, you should have heaps of interactions to hear the words or phrases, but the experience is certainly worth it. They are intelligent, affectionate, and cuddly. Similar to parrots, small birds that talk like parakeets are impressive creatures. Big or small, parrots are delightful. They can be found in abundance in tropical and subtropical regions like Australia, South Africa, and South Asia.

Amazing Animals You Can Meet While You're Traveling


Being relative to camels, llamas are native to South America. They are well-equipped to adapt to harsh environments. They are smart and easy to train. Llamas come in varying colors, such as white, brown, black, grey, and red. Llamas have thick hooves to help them find their way through rough and steep terrain. The next time you are in Machu Picchu and enjoying the stunning ancient stone city, you will see a lot of llamas there. They are friendly and will even pose for pictures with you.


Those tree-dwelling creatures are loved by millions for their fuzzy, teddy-bear look. Although many refer to them as koala bears, they are not. Koalas belong to a different category of mammals called marsupials like the wombats. Koalas normally sleep more than eighteen hours a day to conserve energy. They also survive on a eucalyptus leaf diet. The name koala means no water. Luckily, because they regularly munch on eucalyptus, they get the moisture from it. Koalas are very approachable. They will give you warm hugs and may even take a nap on your shoulders.

Amazing Animals You Can Meet While You're Traveling


It is pretty hard to miss the largest land animal on earth. African elephants are larger than their Asian counterparts, and their ears even look like the continent of Africa. They are in many parks around Africa, where you can see them in their natural habitat. Both the male and female elephants have large tusks to dig up food and tree barks. 

Elephants are all about forming strong bonds; that is why many people love them. They walk in herds to cooperate and help each other. They are also caring and sensitive animals. For instance, if a baby elephant cries, the whole herd comes to comfort it.


Found in the Asian islands of Sumatra and Borneo, orangutans are fascinating types of apes. They are the largest tree-living mammal in the world. They build their nests in trees; however, they can also be semi-terrestrial. They can be considered extremely intelligent. They have extra long arms for dangling between trees and it also helps their mobility. Orangutans are clever, and they can make tools out of sticks and tree branches to get food.

Amazing Animals You Can Meet While You're Traveling

The world is filled with wonders. All it takes is the willingness to explore what it has to offer. Traveling is always a great decision that lets you take a break from the bustle of everyday life. Like meeting new people and going to breathtaking places, meeting different kinds of animals is a worthy experience for every traveler. No matter how old you are, there is always something special about seeing exotic animals in their natural habitat. With the guide provided here, you can pick your next destinations and enjoy the experience with such astounding creatures.

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