7 Practical Tips for Extended Travel Through Australia

Planning an extended trip through Australia? Here are some travel tips to help you make the most of your time in the land Down Under!

Australia is one of the most incredible and unique countries in the world. With stunning sandy beaches, breathtaking national parks, and charmingly vibrant cities, the country has endlessly wonderful experiences to provide for any traveler, year-round. As such, it’s the ideal place to visit on an extended trip, giving you more time to explore all the beauty it has to offer. But before you go, here are some practical tips for long-term travel through Australia that you should keep in mind:

Extended Travel Through Australia

Set a reasonable budget

Australia isn’t an inherently expensive place to visit – that all depends on where and how you travel. However, it might turn out to be a bit more costly than you hoped for, especially when it comes to extended trips. For that reason, you might want to research local prices in advance and set a reasonable budget accordingly when planning your travels. Once you begin exploring Australia, make it a point to stick to your predetermined budget as best as possible. Otherwise, your funds can disappear surprisingly quickly. For effective money management, consider prioritizing and using a financial app.

Organize your paperwork

If you travel frequently, you already know how stressful (and often expensive) it is to leave everything until the last minute. Avoid potential issues by preparing your documentation ahead of time. Make sure your passport is up-to-date, and check that it’s valid for a minimum of six months from the date you leave your destination. This will prevent any legal problems as you travel through the country. You also have to arrange a visa in advance. Most of the time, this means going to an Australian consulate or embassy near you, but some visas can also be gotten online. Ensure your visa supports long-term travel.

Get a travel insurance policy

Australia is a large and fairly isolated country. In case anything goes wrong during your trip, it won’t be that easy to just return home. That is why getting a good travel insurance policy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Whether you have to visit the doctor for a simple cold or end up having an accident on the road, travel insurance will protect you during your travels. It will also give you some much-needed peace of mind as you explore Australia on an extended trip.

Choose good accommodation

When planning for long-term travel, accommodation will often be your largest expense. Not to mention that spending so much time away from home might increase your need for a warm and comfortable environment to escape to as well. Avoid hotels and make a smarter choice regarding your accommodation. For instance, you can opt to build to rent facilities that are specifically designed for extended stays. With longer leases, extra services like movie theaters and coworking spaces, and the option to live with your pet, this type of housing is a great option.

Pack for your trip wisely

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, keep in mind that the seasons in Australia are the polar opposite of yours; pack accordingly. What you decide to bring with you will likely depend on the types of activities you have planned, but make sure not to pack too much either way. Australia is a country offering plenty of options. You can easily hire a laundry service or use your accommodation’s facilities if you want to travel light. In the same way, you can buy all the toiletries you need in the area. Only bring the essentials to keep your bags from getting too heavy.

Get around more practically

Being an incredibly vast country, Australia is often explored on road trips and by taking plane rides from one destination to another. While you always have the option of flying or renting a car as well, avoid these solutions if your goal is to save money. Instead, use buses and trains whenever you can as a much more affordable alternative. The entire country is quite well connected, so you likely won’t have any issues getting around, and the public transport in cities is very efficient, too.

Avoid overplanning

Like most other visitors, you might also have a list of desirable destinations you’d like to visit in Australia. Having a plan is great, as even an extended trip might restrict you in such a large country. However, you shouldn’t overplan every small detail either. The country has so much beauty to offer that you never know what opportunities might present themselves unless you’re on the road. Try to stay flexible and open-minded in an effort to maximize your experience.

In Conclusion

Australia is the perfect country to visit on an extended trip, offering endless unique experiences. To ensure your travels here are as comfortable and pleasant as possible, don’t overlook the practical tips mentioned above.

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