Great Tips Everyone Owning a Corgi Should Try


Many people would agree that dogs make the best pets; they are playful, fun, and extremely loyal. There are so many dog breeds out there with different characteristics, and each person has their own preference. People who prefer family dogs, for example, opt for Beagles, Golden Retrievers, or Corgis.

Tips for Corgi Owners

Corgis are great family dogs; even Queen Elizabeth, the queen of England, thinks so as Corgis are her favorite breed. They are smart, loyal, and love to please their owners. People also prefer this breed for their families because they are quick learners and easy to train. If you are a new Corgi owner, you probably want to learn a few things about your new furry friend, in order to be a better pet parent. So, keep reading for great tips every Corgi owner should try.

Introduce Them to Their Environment

Puppies are curious by nature, so you should take advantage of their curiosity and expose them to different things. You can take them on long car rides, or on a boat—whatever you think they need to get used to. However, you should make sure that you start introducing them to the world around them at an early age. If you also want your dog to participate in a particular sport, then you should buy them training equipment so they can explore it at home first.


Corgis love to socialize and spend time with their human family. Therefore, you should start getting your new puppy acquainted with strangers when they are around 8 weeks old. The breed of your Corgi doesn’t matter, whether it is the Blue Heeler Corgi mix, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, all Corgis should start socializing at the same age. It is recommended to take your puppy to a busy place like a park and let them watch people, cars, and children. Some kids may want to play with your dog, and you should let them, as this will encourage your new furry friend to interact with people.


You have to get your new puppy used to regular grooming at an early age, as some corgi breeds tend to shed a lot because of their double coat. This is why it is important to brush your dog daily to remove dead hair and to keep your carpets clean as well. You should also give your dog a bath once or twice a week, and use a blow dryer to dry their thick coats faster. However, dogs aren’t big fans of the sound blow dryers make, so you should get them used to it first. This can be done by using the blow dryer on yourself while your puppy is in the same room, so they can get used to it. Once your Corgi is accustomed to the sound and you start drying their fur, keep telling them how great they are and give them treats afterward as positive reinforcement to make grooming a positive experience so they look forward to it every time.

Teach Them Commands

Dogs in general are smart animals. They pick up on things fast, and this is why it won’t be so hard to teach your puppy certain commands like sit, stay, and shake hands. You can also teach them commands to improve their behavior, like “leave it” or “drop it,” if they are playing with something they shouldn’t be. These tips will come in handy if your Corgi chews on your furniture or other stuff because they have strong jaws and you wouldn’t want them wreaking havoc.

Keep Them Active

All dogs love to play, and Corgis are no different. This is why it is important to keep them mentally and physically active. Exercises are very important for your corgis because they are prone to obesity, so you should schedule daily walks and exercises for your pup in order to keep them healthy. Fetching is another activity you can teach your dog because they love to do it, and it is a great exercise that will help them maintain their weight. Moreover, when your puppy is 6 months old, you should take them to start training and obedience classes, which will also be very beneficial to their well-being.

Tips for Corgi Owners

Before you make a decision on whether or not to adopt a Corgi, you should first make sure that the puppy will be a good fit for you and your family. You should keep in mind that owning one is a huge commitment and that you are bringing a living being into your home. Ask yourself if you are ready to wake up at certain hours for their potty breaks, prepare meals, and spend money on their needs and health. If you decide that a Corgi will be a welcomed addition to your family, then make sure to buy your new puppy everything they need for their new life, like food, bowls, toys, a crate, and pee pads.

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