How to Help Your Dog Reach a Healthier Weight

How to Help Your Dog Reach a Healthier Weight

If your dog has piled on the pounds a little in recent years, it’s probably a good idea to think about what you might be able to do about that. After all, if they develop long-term weight issues, it’s only going to impact their health and damage their quality of life. That’s not something any owner wants for their dog. So if you want to help your dog gain a healthier weight, here are some steps to take:.

How to Help Your Dog Reach a Healthier Weight

Walk More!

First of all, you should simply walk more. It’s so obvious, but research has shown that it really is the thing that has the biggest impact on dogs. If you’re not taking them out for regular walks, you should change that. An hour of extra walking a day will be a good place to start, and it’ll enable you to keep them moving and shifting the pounds.

Improve their General health with the Right Supplements

With the use of the right supplements, you can give your dog’s health another boost. This might not directly link to their weight, but they will be more energetic and able to exercise for longer if they have the right nutrients and their health is in good shape. It’s something you can talk to your vet about if you want to know what the right supplements would be for your dog.

The people behind can explain how the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements can contribute to a healthier dog. Furthermore, supplements can also help support healthy joints and promote a stronger immune system, which are important factors in maintaining a healthy weight for your dog.

Switch to a More Nutritious Food

After exercise, you’ll need to start thinking about the food you feed your dog. Ideally, you should look for a high protein dog food that isn’t loaded with too many carbs. When they consume too many carbohydrates, they’ll gain weight and maybe even start to experience the early stages of diabetes, which is not what you want for your dog at all.

How to Help Your Dog Reach a Healthier Weight

Measure Meals

Measuring out meals and ensuring your dog is not being overfed can be an important task. You not only need to give them the right food, but also the right amount of it. That means using a measuring cup and finding the amount of food that’s suitable for a dog of its breed and size. That way, you’ll only give them what they need and not the excess that leads to weight gain.

Use Vegetable Rather Than Treats From the Store

Treats are a tricky subject for many dog owners. Of course, you want to do nice things for your dog, but those treats they enjoy and love so much might be the reason why they’ve gained weight if you’re choosing the wrong treats or giving them too many of them. You should replace the regular store-bought treats you’ve been using with fresh vegetables and fruit instead. They’re much cleaner and healthier.

How to Help Your Dog Reach a Healthier Weight

Every dog owner wants their dog to be healthy and happy, and sometimes that leads to too many treats and portion sizes that are a little excessive. But if you really want your dog to be happy, you’ll do what you can to help them reach a healthier weight.

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