4 Cool Alternatives To Hanging In Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have long been home to study dates, catch-ups, and meetings. It may even be your working spot, but as the world opens up you might be looking for an alternative to a coffee shop. If you’re looking for an outdoor spot or somewhere different from your usual scenery, you’re in the right place. 

Here are 4 alternatives to hanging in coffee shops. 

Alternatives To Coffee Shops
  1. A Park 

If the weather is good and you want to soak up the sun rays while hanging out with your friends or doing some work, there’s no reason you shouldn’t head to a beautiful park. As the world has evolved over the last year, many are working remotely or have changed up their working schedules. This means you might have more flexibility around your work environment, and heading to a park can be a great day to spend some working hours. 

Gathering with your friends or family in a park is a cheap and easy way to hang out with them. On a beautiful day, you can get together and bring along food, snacks, and drinks. You could even order some food from the park, thanks to modern technology. If you’re looking for a relaxing day, you can bring some books or playing cards. If you want to have a more active day, you could bring some sports equipment and have a sports-filled day. You can use a park for almost any type of gathering. The park is your oyster. 

  1. Restaurant 

Restaurant spaces have evolved and many restaurants offer a comfortable enough space to hang in. Restaurants offer table service and you can get as much food and drink as you want. You can easily set up a nice get-together in a restaurant space. Just like you might hop around your favorite coffee shops, you can hop around and discover your new favorite restaurants. You can even work in a lot of them, although it depends on the restaurant and you may need to confirm with them before you can work for a few hours. If the restaurant isn’t super busy, they will probably welcome you doing this. 

  1. Workspace 

Most workspaces are shared spaces where you can pop in and work amongst other freelancers or remote workers. This kind of space offers a flexible alternative to offices, as you can go in and spend time concentrated on working. This is great if you find yourself procrastinating at home or you need a change of scenery. 

Workspaces provide a work-focused environment that helps support your individual working needs. Collaborative workspaces can give you office space in prime locations. This is great for when you need to meet clients or have business meetings. If you’re missing your favorite coffee, you can usually use the common kitchen in the workspace to whip up your drink. All you need are good-quality beans, a coffee grinder, and a milk frother, click here for more information on the best milk-frothers. A good milk-frother will give you a coffee that looks and tastes like it was made by your favorite coffee shop. Workspaces are also quite cost-effective and they will often have a more chilled-out zone where you can relax and hang out with others.

 If you are a freelancer or a remote worker you might find it difficult to work without the social aspect of the office. A workspace can give you this without having to see and interact with the same people every day or needing to go into an office just to have that social interaction. 

If you find that your work or business is beginning to grow, you can easily scale and rent out more space. 

  1. Bars 

If you’re looking for a late afternoon or evening hang, a bar is a great option. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you could probably find a bar to accommodate. Whether you’re in the mood for dancing, a casual drink, or a nice view, there are so many different types of bars to fit your criteria. Bars are a nice way to have a casual catch-up and, if you are on the fence about having a night out, it can be a good idea to ease yourself and your friends into it and see how you’re feeling after a couple of hours. Bars offer a no-commitment night out. 

If you’re not interested in a super casual coffee or catch-up why not go for your favorite bar. Lots of bars now offer activities like mini-golf or games to provide you with some entertainment. If you’re looking for some simulation or fun while you and your friends hang out, this can be a great option. 

Alternatives To Coffee Shops

These are 4 alternatives to hanging out in coffee shops. Make use of your local nature spots, especially when the weather is good. If you’re in the city, lots of parks will have access to WiFi. You can also make a day out of being in the park or hanging out in a gorgeous restaurant or bar. The choice is yours.

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