Throwback Thursday: Baby Swings…Yay or Nay?

Welcome to another episode of my Throwback Thursday where I show you a picture of me when I was much younger than I am now. If there are tips to go along with my photo my writer (mommy) will be sure to add them for you.

I was 1 1/2 months old in this photo and mommy said that she had a difficult time getting me to sleep. The only thing that worked was her walking around with me or me just being in a swing or anything that moved. Apparently I loved motion. It’s why I’m always on the go now. 

Now mommy is not going to say “don’t buy a baby swing” but in all reality it’s not a necessity. Yes most babies love them but some hate them as well. Mommy got me a MamaRoo and I hated it! Great concept but just not my thing.

If you can’t afford to have a swing the baby isn’t going to miss it. After all you can’t miss what you’ve never had right?

But if you can afford one which one do you choose? With so many swings on the market mommy and I would say choose one that works with not only batteries but with an AC outlet as well. There may be a day when you run out of batteries so having another option is great.

Now there are a few that can change rocking positions such as side to side or back to front motion. These are a little bit more pricey but having a second option is really great.

We also recommend getting one where the volume can be lowered. You don’t want to have your baby fall asleep and wake up in 10 minutes because it was too loud. Also choose one where you can adjust the speed as well. Some babies like to be rocked very slowly while other adventurous ones like me like to speed it up a bit.

Now if your baby loves motion but would prefer to be with you, may we recommend getting a baby carrier. Not only is baby with you while you work but your hands will be free as well.

So question time? What did you use? Did your little one love his swing or did he prefer to just be with you?

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