Balboa Baby Tote Bag Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review.

All opinions are my own.

Mommy and I are fans of Balboa Baby and their products. If you haven’t read about their Shopping Cart Cover then you can take a look at it here. We use it every time we go out to the store. Still in great condition after being washed lots of times. 

When Balboa Baby asked if I would do a review and host a giveaway for their Tote bag of course I was not going to say no. Did I mention how much I love their product? For those not familiar with Balboa Baby, they have everything that you will need for your little one’s needs from birth to toddlerhood. I’m talking about adjustable slings, nursing covers, nursing pillows, high chair covers, shopping cart covers, stroller liners, car seat canopies, bibs and of course baby bags. 

We got the option to once again choose which of the tote we would like to receive and of course mommy chose the matching one that goes along with my shopping cart cover. After all we have to match and look stylish indeed. I’m after all a fashionable toddler. 

Now let me tell you all about my Balboa Baby Tote. Although this is classified a baby bag it can so totally be used for lots more than carrying around baby items. You mommies can use this as your own bag. This is one of those bags that because it doesn’t really look like a baby bag can be used way after baby is all grown up. So here are the dimensions of my Baby Balboa Tote. W 18 1/2″ x H 14 1/2″ x D 6 1/2″. 

It is big and can carry lots of items with still lots of space inside. Take for example that picture above. That is usually what is on the inside of my diaper bag although sometimes mommy packs my toy in there after I no longer want to hold it. We’re looking at 2 sets of outfits, 5 diapers, a package of wipes, 2 juice boxes, 2 PediaSures and my diaper rash cream. Can you believe that all that fit into my Balboa Baby Tote with LOTS of room to spare. I could have doubled that twice and still have room. Don’t believe me? Take a look!

Now you know when I mention something its because I’ve either seen or used it firsthand, and believe me when I say that this bag can hold a LOT. It comes with 2 pockets on the inside and 2 pockets on the outside. With these 4 pockets there is even more room for mommies to store their extra mommy stuff. It also comes with a zipper so your inside stuff is totally protected.

Guess what it also comes with this really cute luggage tag that I can use to write my name on just incase it ever becomes lost. Now we know that isn’t going to happen. I love my tote and will keep it in my sight at all times.

Now you’re probably wondering if it’s heavy since it seems so big. It actually isn’t. This is very lightweight. It’s quilted and can be tossed in the wash easily. It is totally machine washable. The straps are reinforced so don’t feel as though they will break easily. They will not. It also comes with a removable bottom liner which helps it to stay upright. 

So if you’re looking for something fashionable, simple and fun just like their logo says, then there’s no need to look any further than a Balboa Baby Bag.  With really cute designs you can choose from I’m also sure you’ll find one that you love as well.  This is quite possibly the only diaper bag you may ever need. You really can’t go wrong!

I give my Balboa Baby Tote Bag Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

You can connect with the Balboa Baby Company via their Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest Page. 

The Balboa Baby Company has decided to offer one of my reader their very own Balboa Baby Tote an amazing $55 value. Awesome! The giveaway is sponsored and will be delivered by Balboa Baby and is opened to US Residents. Winner will be chosen by PunchTab and will have 48hrs to respond to the email sent from PunchTab or a new winner will be announced. 

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