10 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

Mason jars are all the rage these days, as they seem to be popping up in home décor, recipes, crafts, and so much more. It is no wonder, since mason jars are easy to come by, durable, and quite versatile. If you have a handful of mason jars on hand that you want to get creative with, take a peek below at 10 creative uses for mason jars that you need to try! You may never look at mason jars the same way again.

1. Create a terrarium.

A terrarium is a great way to bring the outdoors in! Create a layer of sand, soil, rock, and moss then add in some easy to care for plants such as succulents or cacti. Display your terrarium in an area that gets decent light and mist with water as needed.

2. Pack your lunch.

Mason jars are great for taking your lunch to work! Add salad fixings and just add dressing when you are ready to eat it. You can also put pasta salads, chicken salad, and any other salads. They will stay fresh and are easy to open and eat.

3. Drink your beverages.

Beverages look just darling when served in a mason jar, and they stay nice and cold too! Serve your lemonade and ice tea, or use mason jars to add whimsy to your next garden party. Pop in a colorful paper straw and you are all set.

4. Start seeds.

A mason jar is a great way to start seeds. Mason jars can also be used for smaller, easy to care for plants such as herbs. Pop in some plants and place them on the window sill for an easy window garden. They look pretty and are practical at the same time.

5. Store your beauty products.

Mason jars are perfect for keeping your beauty products safe and dry. Toss in cotton balls,  q-tips, make up sponges, and other beauty items. They will look decorative and be practical at the same time. Plus, since you can see right into them, you will know exactly what you are grabbing for.

6. Color eggs.

Mason jars are perfect for coloring eggs! Just add the coloring and vinegar, and drop the eggs in. During the rest of the year, a mason jar can be used to dye small items of all sorts including yarn or other textiles.

7. Keep art supplies handy.

Fill your mason jars with all of your art supplies including brushes, sponges, fabric scraps, and more. They are easy to clean, which is always a perk when dealing with messy supplies. Just pop them in the dishwasher and fill them up again.

8. Make a firefly jar.

Not with real fireflies of course! Break open a glow stick and pour the contents into the jar. Add the lid back on and shake the jar up. Turn off the lights and it will look like you have a glowing jar of fireflies! So cool!

9. Dress up your next picnic.

Add a ribbon around the jar and it is perfect for dressing up your next picnic. You can even add a faux flower bouquet for decor. Let it hold your silverware, straws, rolled up napkins, and even food items. You can paint the jars or add any other embellishments to add color and add to the theme!

10. Make a mini greenhouse.

Turn an empty mason jar over on top of seedlings that need a little warmth. It will act as an instant greenhouse offering protection and warmth. Once the seedling catches up, you can remove the jar.

Will you ever look at mason jars the same way again? Give these 10 uses for mason jars a try and see how fun and functional they can be!

Let’s discuss: What do you use your mason jars for? 

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