Family Feud: Things To Do In New York For All Tastes

From culture and the arts to food and nightlife, find out what there is to do in New York City no matter your interests.

Things To Do In New York For All Tastes

When you go on vacation as a family, you all might be excited to have some fun together. However, arguments may occur when people want to do different things. Finding ways to compromise, and include everyone’s interests, could be key for the vacation to be genuinely enjoyable for all. This may mean that you split your days up to accommodate everyone, or give people set days to choose where you go and what you do. Considering some ideas before you leave can allow you to book tickets, if required, in advance, and even have a rough idea of what each day may entail.

Things To Do In New York For All Tastes

Sporting fans

Those who love watching and playing sports may want to consider including this within their vacation. New York is home to a number of different teams and sporting grounds. One that may interest you could be basketball. You could look into what games are to be played on the dates you visit, and then get your tickets for NBA New York Knicks games before you travel. This could help to save you some money, as well as time that may have been spent queuing. Children and adults alike may have fun watching a game played right in front of them, rather than on a screen, and even those who aren’t usually fans may find themselves swept up in the atmosphere.

Pampering fans

For some, going on vacation can be a chance to unwind and say goodbye to their usual stress factors. Therefore, having the chance to do little things they enjoy could be important. This might involve time spent by the pool, or even relaxing in a park. However, if these people want to give themselves an opportunity to truly relax, they could look into having a massage. There are various places in New York that offer this service and can provide the ultimate relaxation for those who want it. Similarly, you might choose to have your hair or nails done before you leave the city.

Culturally inclined fans

If someone is keen to take the cultural aspect of their vacation seriously, then there are plenty of options within this category too! Choosing to tour some of the famous art galleries that New York has on offer may be a great way for everyone to enjoy something different together. Or perhaps you could spend your time visiting some of the historical landmarks around the city such as Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building. As these activities often don’t require tickets in advance, it may be easy to check their opening times and visit when it fits around your schedule.

Shopping fans

For those who love shopping, you may find yourself in the perfect place. New York is home to some of the most iconic stores in the world. Some individuals may also want to make the most of the amount of shopping that can be done in this city. Whether it’s luxury designer brands or more affordable outlets, there’ll be something for everyone. It could be worth checking out when they have their sales on and also if they offer student discounts, so that you can get even better value for your money. Just don’t forget to bring a spare bag!

Education fans

While a vacation may provide the opportunity for rest, some people may gain that through expanding their knowledge. New York has a large amount of history, in many different areas. Those who love culture and learning may be excited to discover some of the museums in operation. These could also be tailored to meet several people’s needs, such as visiting sporting or fashion museums to also appease those hobbies. Although some museums may have an entry fee, others are free to the public. Therefore, it could be a good idea to do your research before you go.

Food fans

Other ways to experience New York’s culture is to go out for some food in one of their restaurants and you can find many culinary options from around the world. From Italian restaurants to sushi bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice. To make the most of your time, it could be worth checking out what deals or discounts are available as this may save you some money. You could also research foodie areas and check their opening times before visiting them, so that you can plan ahead for a delicious day out.

Outdoor fans

If you’re a fan of the outdoors and nature then you could head straight for Central Park or The High Line. Both offer something a little different but they both provide great opportunities to take walks, bike rides and bird watch throughout them. In addition, Central Park often has events being held that may be family friendly – such as outdoor movies or musical performances – which could add an extra element of fun to your vacation.

In conclusion

No matter what type of fan you are, New York will have something for everyone! Having different hobbies and interests, as well as being different ages, shouldn’t stop a family from enjoying a city vacation together. By pooling your ideas and being willing to compromise with one another, you may be able to fill each day with events that will leave everyone smiling.

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