Five Great Reasons To Spend Christmas At The Beach

Not looking forward to another White Christmas? Consider taking the family out of town and heading somewhere unexpected for the holidays – like the beach! While a trip to the coast isn’t exactly what comes to mind for most people when considering a place to spend a holiday characterized by snow-covered trees and crackling fireplaces, it can be the perfect time to escape to the beach.

Not quite convinced? Here are five great reasons to spend your next Christmas vacation at the beach:

You Can Catch a Break from the Winter Weather. 

While you won’t find much relief from the cold if you choose a beach in Maine or Washington, a trip to the south is a great way to guarantee a snow-free Christmas. Temperatures in Florida linger in the 70’s, and 80’s well into December, so you’ll be comfortably warm as you lounge on the beach. While the ocean may be a bit cooler than usual, you’ll still have a blast building sandcastles and searching for shark teeth on the sandy shores.

You’ll Experience a Different Kind of Festive Fun.

Coastal cities may have a harder time than their colder inland counterparts when it comes to decorating for the holidays and getting into the spirit of the season, but it still happens! Many cities by the beach actually embrace their own set of holiday traditions. You’ll find palm trees and patios covered in Christmas lights, holiday parades (on land and on water), outdoor concerts, and lots of other activities for the whole family to enjoy.

You Can Leave the Holiday Stress at Home! 

While the Christmas season is a ton of fun, it can also bring a lot of unwanted stress. If you need a good excuse to skip the holiday parties or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of hosting everyone for Christmas dinner, a trip to the coast can make all of your worries disappear. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and recharge for the new year ahead, pina colada in hand, and let a local restaurant take care of Christmas dinner for the family!

You’ll Score a Great Deal.

While booking flights around the holidays can be expensive, finding a hotel room by the beach around Christmas can be surprisingly easy. Since most people are on a mission to experience snow during the holiday season, many seaside resorts offer great rates around Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled, and you’re sure to find a substantial discount.

You’ll Make Memories That’ll Last a Lifetime. 

Constructing sandcastles instead of gingerbread houses and ditching your home for a seaside resort or coastal Airbnb are memories that will stick with your family for years to come. Instead of embracing the same traditions, you enjoy year after year, shaking things up and spending the holiday at the beach can be a great way to celebrate the holiday season, end the year strong, and experience something new as a family.

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent reasons to consider a beachside vacation for your next Christmas holiday. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

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