Cycling Through Great Britain: Stay Connected While On The Road

Cycling is all about exploring the unknown. It’s about moving to places away from the hustle of the cities. And while you are on the go, the major issue you come across is connectivity. Connecting to your family and updating them about your safety is very important and can be difficult at times. Despite the issues, you cannot do without connecting to the world or family in particular, even on a cycling tour. So here, we are going to talk about ways you can stay connected while on a cycling tour in Great Britain.

Cycling Through Great Britain

Unlocked Phones 

Unlocked phones are the cheapest way of staying connected, even across borders without much ado. These phones can be purchased throughout the UK with plenty of variety. You can couple these phones with pay-as-you-go cards that will provide you with easy connectivity for a few dollars. These phones are great for simple communication with your family, friends, hotel managers, etc. without the hustle of looking for an internet connection. A pro-tip here would be to buy the basic model phones for cheap and simple connectivity. But still, if you want all kinds of apps and tracking, you can opt for an expensive one. It all depends on your budget. 

Look For Shared Internet Facility 

If you plan to travel far from the cities in the UK, sharing the internet to stay connected can also be an option. The Internet is almost available everywhere, including cafes, hotels, libraries, etc. You just need to look for one and keep your family in touch while on a biking tour. This facility may not always be free or unlimited, but the problem of connectivity can be solved through public internet facilities. During your stop at a nearby cafe, you can avail yourself of the opportunity and let your family be notified. But we must say this is not a very reliable option.

Sim Only Deals 

If you are looking for a cheap yet reliable and easy connectivity method, then sim-only deals are a great fit. You can get a package most suitable for your needs at much less cost and very easily. A sim-only deal not only saves you the money of the coupled device but also provides you with data packages at a much less cost. These deals are a great way of managing personalized connectivity assurance. When talking particularly about the UK you can go for Vodafone for some cheap sim-only deals. 

Personal Satellite Internet Terminal 

Slightly expensive but a guaranteed way of resolving connectivity issues while cycling is carrying your satellite internet terminal. If you are planning to travel to areas like Swindon or Cardiff in the UK where the network signals can be slightly weak, carrying a wireless modem would be a great idea. This not only keeps you away from the worries of poor signals and looking for a shared internet facility but also assures a clear connection with your family and friends. But the only disadvantage would be the cost. The cost per megabyte might be too much for you to spend on the internet. 

Use A GPS Tracker 

Traveling to mountainous areas or a place crowded with trees means low network and internet signals. And this adventure can be worrisome for the ones waiting for you at home. While on such an adventurous journey all alone, you need to keep your family updated. And in such conditions, using a tracker like Spot Tracker can be quite helpful. It connects to Google Maps through GPS and keeps an eye on your location without an internet connection. You can share your location with close friends and family and keep them updated. To keep the tracker going, you need to pay an annual subscription along with a battery change every week. 

In Conclusion

Connectivity is the biggest issue while on a cycling tour. And sometimes it can be hard to look for solutions. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. The above mentioned were a few ways to keep your family and friends updated about your safety while on a cycling adventure in the UK. You can choose the best-suited option for you and your budget. Hope you found this article helpful in devising at least some ways to resolve connectivity issues while on a cycling tour. 

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