Things To Do for Good Luck on New Year’s

Around the world, there are many different things to do that are said to offer you good luck in the year to come. Each idea has its own special meaning and reason behind it which makes it interesting and fun to learn. 

Things To Do for Good Luck on New Year's

Every year we think of New Year’s Day as a new beginning. Once that clock strikes midnight, we are in a whole new year and are ready to start fresh. We reflect on the previous year and make our New Year’s resolutions to become better and do better. We also try different customs and traditions that are thought to bring us good luck, good health, and good fortune. 

Things To Do for Good Luck on New Year's

Smash Plates on Friends’ Doors

This may seem pretty weird but according to those in Denmark, the tradition states that if you affectionally shatter plates on their doors, it can help welcome good vibes. As it brings in the good vibes, it wards off any bad spirits that may be lingering. 

Get Your New Year’s Kiss

A very popular New Year’s activity that many do when the clock strikes midnight is to kiss someone they love. This tradition is believed to bring you good luck on New Year’s and love with the one you kiss and is something you will see a lot of couples taking part in.

Wear White

In Brazil, you may find that many choose to wear white on New Year’s. This is because wearing white on the holiday will bring you good luck and peace. 

Throw Furniture Out the Window

The traditional throwing furniture out the window has mixed beliefs. In some areas of South Africa, this is done to symbolize letting go of everything negative in the past. This isn’t a New Year’s tradition that is celebrated by many, but some families still believe it and go with it. Nonetheless, it is very interesting.

Eat 12 Grapes

Not 11 or 13, in order to get some good luck for the next year in Spain, you need to eat exactly 12 grapes. This is to symbolize the 12 months of the year and is believed to bring you good fortune. And yes, you do have to eat all 12 grapes before the clock hits 12:01 a.m.

Wear Colored Underwear

While worrying about your underwear as you celebrate the new year may seem strange, many countries believe the colors you choose can help you create some good luck. For instance, wearing red underwear can help bring you luck when it comes to love and white will help bring you peace.

Jump 7 Ocean Waves

Another Brazilian tradition that many families believe in is that jumping 7 different ocean waves can bring you good luck. Each wave gives you the opportunity to make a wish so be sure to choose your wishes carefully.

The First Guest into Your Home

Another interesting thing to do for good luck on New Year’s is to be selective about who you allow into your home first on New Year’s Day. It also depends on what they are bringing. If they bring salt, traditional gifts, or even whiskey into your home, it is said that you will have good luck for the next year. 

Put Money Under the Rug

In Romania, many follow the tradition of putting money under their rug just before the clock strikes midnight to help bring good fortune for the new year.

It’s interesting to note that in other areas, it is believed that putting money in your wallet instead of under the rug will bring you wealth. As far as loaning out or giving away money, don’t do it as it symbolizes that you will be spending more throughout the year.

Jump Off a Chair

Another New Year’s tradition in Denmark, standing in a chair and jumping off it to bring in the new year is done to bring you good luck. It also helps get rid of any bad spirits for the upcoming year.

Carry Around an Empty Suitcase

If you see people carrying around an empty suitcase on New Year’s don’t mind them. They are going with the superstition that if you carry around an empty suitcase, your year will be filled with travel. In Columbia, they take it a little further and carry an empty suitcase with them as they run around the block as fast as they can. If you enjoy traveling or want to visit someplace special in the upcoming year, it wouldn’t hurt to give this one a try.

Eat Lentils

In Italy, you may see people trading the pasta for lentils on New Year’s. This is because legumes look like coins and are thought to bring you some good luck in the new year. Here in America, we’ve adapted to this superstition as well. 

Eat Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas

If you are hoping for some good luck when it comes to money, those in the South believe that eating collard greens and black-eyed peas will help bring you wealth and prosperity.

Some believe in these traditions while others think they are just completely silly. Who knows, maybe trying one of these old traditions can bring you a little luck for the upcoming new year. We can all use a little extra luck and fortune!

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