The $20 Road Trip – It Can Save Your Marriage

Every day – we all wake up with a routine that we normally follow. Maybe you wake up and take a shower, kiss your spouse and head out the door to work. Or maybe you take the time to make yourself breakfast, read the paper, and go on about your day. No matter what your daily routine is – it’s just that – a routine. And with routine – comes the ability to be comfortable in your life. We as human have a natural tendency to become comfortable in situations that we find ourselves in daily. It could be with your job, friendships, or even your relationship or marriage.

Herein is the problem that we all tend to face. When we become comfortable, we begin to find ourselves taking things for granted. But usually – it’s not you who notices, it’s someone else. This type of behavior has been known to destroy relationships and marriages from the inside out. And because of someone becoming comfortable – their partner also tends to create the same type mindset. When this happens – things like honesty, communication, and trust begin to break down. It creates a pattern within us that ultimately can create chaos in our lives that we may not normally intend to create.

If you think back to the vows of your marriage, or maybe a promise you made to your partner, you will remember that you always promised to communicate with each other. You vowed to tell each other everything. But somewhere along the way, that communication has been lost. This is the very reason we become comfortable within our relationships and take things for granted. But all is not lost – there is hope.

Think about the first few weeks or months that you had first met your partner in your life. Maybe you went to different places or just drove aimlessly around – talking, getting to know one another for who you are. Somewhere along the way – that was lost, and the spark within your relationship was lost with it. But you can relive those moments, and rekindle the fire. And all it takes is just $20 to do so.

One the creative ways to return the romance back to your relationship is simple, and all it takes is just a little time and $20. It can be a game changer that saves your marriage and allows you to connect with your partner all over again. It’s taking a simple “road trip”. It doesn’t have to be across the country or even within another state. In fact, the very state you live in is large enough to explore the area and see new sites. By placing $20 into your gas tank, you and your significant other can simply jump in your vehicle and go – it gives you a chance to reconnect by talking. Sometimes you may have to be the one who breaks the ice, or your partner may do it for you. Either way – it’s food for your soul and gives you the opportunity to turn your failing marriage around. Plus – you are reliving the past and creating a new bond with each other again.

By inviting your partner to enjoy the ride with you – you are creating the spontaneity within your relationship again, which may be one of the key reasons you fell in love. But this also gives you an opportunity to clear the air with issues that may be bothering you. Most often than not – relationships can be fixed with simple communication. By voicing your opinion, you can free yourself from the weight that you may feel as though you have within. This is a great way to inform your partner of some issues that may have been created – or just a simple way to reconnect altogether. Use this technique to your advantage, and use it often. You will find that your partner will enjoy the time spent with you again and allows you to rekindle something that may have been lost along the way.

Remember – your relationship does not have to be complicated, and usually, the relationship itself usually isn’t. It is us – as humans that make things complicated. A simple road trip can break the cycle of being comfortable and allow you change your relationship or marriage for the better. And all it takes is $20.

Let’s discuss: How do you find time to reconnect with your significant other? 

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