How Can I Help My Child After Dental Surgery?

After a kid has had dental surgery, it might be challenging to know how to care for them. The most challenging part of the after-surgery is determining what to feed your child, who is suddenly hungry and in desperate need of food and fluids. It’s critical for their recovery that they eat the proper meals to aid their healing process.

When your kid visits a dentist in Tampa, all treatments are performed as gently as possible, with minimal maintenance required after that beyond good dental hygiene. Even so, it’s necessary to take additional steps to protect your oral health and safety during certain times. After a dental procedure, your kid may need some easy home care. Refer to these guides for ideas on taking care of your child after dental surgery.

taking care of child after dental surgery

Make Sure They are Using a Toothbrush Correctly and Flossing.

Brushing and flossing should resume the morning after the operation has been performed. Make sure that your child brush and floss at least twice a day to prevent food from becoming lodged on the teeth. When cleaning a tooth that has just had surgery, you must be very careful. After the process, your child’s teeth may seem sticky, filmy, or unclean due to the application of fluoride.

Pain, Discomfort, and Fever Treatment

A low-grade fever, tooth discomfort, and sore throat are all possibilities for your child. But don’t be alarmed; these symptoms are common and may be addressed. Pain and fever may be reduced by taking acetaminophen every three hours and ibuprofen.

Give Tylenol first, then Motrin three hours later, then Tylenol again three hours later, and so on. After the treatment, it’s possible that your child’s biting may feel completely different. After a week or two, the bite of your child should feel normal again.

Consider the Dos and Don’ts of the Food They Consume. 


After surgery, their food should consist of soft, easy-to-chew meals. Additionally, they should be well-balanced in terms of nutrients, minerals, calories, and protein to help in the process of healing. Soft meals may be eaten after their oral surgery has stopped bleeding. For the first several days after their oral surgery, stick to liquids and soft meals. Soups, yogurt, and mashed potatoes are all examples of soft foods.


Eating and chewing hard crunchy food is something that your child should avoid. Some of these examples are chips and crackers. After dental surgery, your child’s mouth may be too fragile to handle foods that are too hard. To prevent your kid from biting their tongue or cheek, avoid giving them hot liquids like hot chocolate, hot milk, or herbal tea. Make sure they avoid eating anything that has been heated to a high temperature. As long as the inside of your child’s mouth is still numb, they’re a potential choking and burning concern. Before providing food to your kid, allow it to cool completely. Or, better still, limit your child’s diet to cold foods, at least only on the day of surgery.

Your kid should be able to resume a proper meal in about a day. While everyone recovers at a different rate, it is crucial to know how to care for them while they are healing correctly.

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