Take N’ Shake Feeding Bottle by Bouche Baby #Review

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Mommy and I are always searching for new and innovative products that makes everything easier for both parents and babies. Well toddler and big kids as well too. Sometimes we find them and sometimes they find us. When contacted by Bouche Baby to review their newest product the Take N’ Shake Feeding Bottle, mommy was a little hesitant because after all I’m no longer a baby. I’m a big kid now! Then mommy thought, “hey even if Madison can’t use it, there are other moms out there who would love to know about this great product”. Just because this is “Growing Up Madison”, I’m not entirely grown up yet and I do still care about my baby counterparts.

5oz (150 ml) or 9oz (250ml)
Multi-stage for use with formula and milk or juice
Converts to a standard feeding bottle and a sippy cup
Slow flow colic free nipple
BPA and chemical free
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

50z – $17.99 and 9oz – $19.99 – Recommended age: 0 – 4y

Mommy remembers that not too long ago I was using a bottle and she also remembers how time consuming it could be to make a bottle of formula. We would go to our doctor appointments, shopping, the park, you name it and wherever we went no less than 2 bottles went along with us. That usually included bottles of water, formula in another container which all took up extra space in my baby bag. If only this was around a few months ago when I needed it.

The Bouche Baby Take N’ Shake  Feeding Bottle solves all that problem and more for busy and not so busy moms. Not only is it an all one in product but it also takes your baby all the way into toddlerhood. All it takes is the sippy cup conversion kit (sold separately). You may probably be wondering how does this really work. Well let me explain it to you but we’ve also included a video for those who would prefer to see how it works. Simply add pre-measured formula to the compartment, attach the sieve, add water into the bottle, seal, and go. When you’re ready to feed your baby, simply unscrew, flip, shake, and serve. The specially designed sieve ensures that there is no clumping of your formula. If you’re always making those bottles you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

As you can see from the photo below this is also very easy to clean. Wide openings really does make it very easy, any bottle brush can be used. This is also dishwasher safe and the bottle is BPA Free. They really thought of everything! The nipple is also made of silicone which is preferred by moms and also colic free. Now this isn’t just for formula. This is also great for juice and water as well. Mommy and I have even thought of a new way to use this. Since I don’t drink from a bottle anymore, the bottom container can also store some of my snacks. Cheerios anyone? 

Now since this transition with your baby all the way to toddlerhood this will certainly save you some money. It will also make it easy for your baby to start using their sippy cup even faster and maybe easier as well. They won’t have to get used to a brand new product the way I had to. 

Do mommy and I recommend the Take N’ Shake Feeding Bottle from Bouche Baby? You bet we do! It gets our Thumbs Up! 

Additional nipples, extra formula compartments and the sippy conversion kit are also available on Bouche Baby online store. The Take N Shake Baby to Toddler Feeding system can also be purchased at Drugstore.com.

You can connect with Bouche Baby the makers of Take N’ Shake:

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