Swim Like a Mermaid

Did you know that you can finally fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a mermaid? There are many monofin tails on the market that you can buy for adults and children. Read on to learn more about where you can buy a monofin, different games and activities you can play, and how to be safe while wearing one.

Where to Buy One

You will need a monofin and a mermaid skin in order to swim like a mermaid in the water. There are many companies that you can purchase a monofin from — one quick google search will bring up hundreds! Here are the top names in affordable monofins.


The Mertailor is the best brand for realistic, professional-looking tails. They sell beautiful fabric tails and the most affordable silicone tails on the web. Their fabric tails are comparable in price to other companies.

Fin Fun

Fin Fun tails are the best brand for children and other beginner mermaids. Their tails are open at the bottom, making it easy to kick off the monofin if a potentially dangerous situation arises. Besides the opening at the bottom, their tails look very realistic.

The 2 Tails

The 2 Tails have a unique fin shape, and have tails for both men and women. Their Catalina collection looks very natural, and they also offer a fun sparkle tail.  They also dominate the market for tails specifically made for men.


Swimtails are the most affordable option for mermaid tails, but their tails aren’t very realistic looking. However, if that doesn’t matter to you or your child, they are a great beginner tail. They do come in many fun patterns like cotton candy and floral print.

Mermaid Games and Activities

Musical Islands

This game is similar to musical chairs, except you use pool floaties instead. Place a couple of “islands” (pool floaties) around the pool (one less than the number of people playing), and start the music. When the music stops, everyone needs to swim to the closest “island” and grab hold. Whoever doesn’t get one is out.  Remove one island and play again.

Mermaid Videos

Purchase or rent a nice underwater camera and record you and your friends, or your child and their friends mermaid-ing under the surface. You can learn how to do all sorts of tricks such as blowing heart bubbles, backflips, tail slaps, etc.

Miss Mermaiden

Host a “Miss Mermaiden” contest to see who will be the next “Miss Mermaiden.” Hold different contests (swimming, mermaid moves, mermaid questions, etc.) to decide who will have the title. While this game is more fun for kids, it can be quite the laugh for adults as well.

Underwater Treasure Hunt

If you are having a mermaid party, an underwater treasure hunt will be a fun game to play. Throw a couple of trinkets or diving sticks into the pool, and have a contest to see who can collect the most.

Mermaid Races

Once you or your child is comfortable swimming with the monofin, it’s time to host a mermaid race! A mermaid race is a contest to see who can swim under the water furthest. Just make sure that you give yourself plenty of space, as a monofin propels you forward faster than swimming without it.

Safety Concerns

Using a monofin is challenging and dangerous. Your legs are tied together, increasing the risk of drowning, even if you are an accomplished swimmer. Before you purchase a monofin for yourself or a child, you need to make sure that the user can pass the following swim test: they need to be able to to turn over from the front to the back, float on the back for 30 seconds, swim 25 meters, tread water for at least a minute, and dolphin kick 5 strokes on the front and back.

When you get a monofin, sit on the side of the pool and practice kicking before you ever get in the water. When you feel you are ready, swim with someone else to help you in case anything goes wrong, and stay in the shallow end. The key to swimming with a monofin is to practice! If the fin is for your child, never let them swim without adult supervision, even when they are ready to swim by themselves. It may be a good idea to find a mermaid class in your city to learn how to properly use the fin.

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