Back to School Trends at JCPenney – #SoWorthIt

This post was done in collaboration with JCPenney.

School officially begins today here in the beautiful state of Colorado, and while those on the East Coast have just a few more weeks to go, we’ve had to get our school supplies and everything related to school a bit earlier. With 4 children all in different stages of life, it can be difficult at times to shop for them all. I have the college student, the high schooler, the junior high schooler and the pre-schooler. Four different children and all with their own individual style. However, thanks to JCPenney, I can do my back to school shopping all in one place for them all. This back-to- school season, JCPenney wants to help ensure all kids head back-to-school confident and prepared by offering all of the basics they need to start the school year right.

Going Back-to-School is a time for everyone to reset and refresh their look, and a time for students to express their individuality. JCPenney understands trends and has everything you need to pull off a look that’s so you. Today I’m focusing on my junior high schooler Mikael. Mikael is at that age where style doesn’t really matter. He’s more laid back and loves neutral colors. Oh how I wish my high schooler was the same. However, it’s so much easier to go with his look because he’s so easy to shop for, but even if he wasn’t JCPenney would have all that he needed. All of the everyday values and so much value for my money. They even have the latest trends such as the joggers that all the kids are wearing and of course my son just had to have a pair.

JCPenney is your fashion destination for all the latest trends with the following collections: Arizona, Decree, Total Girl, Okie Dokie and Xersion Kids (the one we love for PE). We had a great time shopping and it was so easy to find what he needed. Everything was properly laid out and best of all was the deals!

For example, did you know that JCPenney’s  Penney Saturdays and Fridays are the best days to stock up on your back to school needs? This Friday and Saturday, August 19th and 20th, you can get your Penney deals. You’ll be able to stock up on $13 Arizona kids jeans and $17 Arizona jeans deals. And you can also get an additional 15% off coupon if you’re a Pokemon Go customer who verbally tell the associate or show the associate your favorite character in the app.

So what’s trending and what can you find at JCPenney?

Canyon Daze
– Channeling the festival vibe, this trend focuses on pretty russets, military greens and earthy neutrals for the girls and the wanderer with an outdoor twist theme for the boys by focusing on military greens, utility neutrals and indigo hues.

Into the Wild
– Neutral ranges of grey, khaki and olive feel fresh when paired back to tech pops of teal and orange. All about utility without sacrificing style, this trend combines sweater knits with.

– All about the pop star cool girl, this trend is influenced by the 70’s and 80’s and provides a play between black and white and psychedelic pops of color like pinks, peri blues, yellow and orange pops.

Primary’s Cool
– Inspired by indoor art and outdoor fun, this trend is highlighted by a rainbow of colors including rich berries, violets, oranges, brilliant blues and mint greens.

Cyber Nation
– Space meets street cyber culture for the girls with an emphasis on intense bright colors and hi-tech meets mountain cyber culture for the boys with a focus on grays with hi-tech brights back to military olives.

Glam Grunge
– A mix of plaids and lace, this trend channels 90’s normcore through items like sweater dresses, bomber jackets and plaid miniskirts. A focus on shades of red, burgundy, deep indigo and black.

So if you’re still shopping for your back to school needs and maybe you’re like me, with other children to shop for in different age ranges, all with their own unique styles, JCPenney has just what you need. No need to go elsewhere. It’s your one-stop shopping for your entire family and it’s so worth it!

Let’s discuss: What’s trending in your household? 

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