Summer Has Officially Begun – Almost Wordless Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and what that means is that it’s time for our Almost Wordless Wednesday. Yes there is a totally wordless Wednesday but I can never do that. That would mean that I can’t say a word and I just love to talk. Especially now that I am finally saying words. Mommy says that I just love hearing myself talk but then she was the one that was worried about my lack of speech. Thank you Speech Therapist! My hard work, I mean our hard work, has paid off!

Well today is going to be really easy. Summer has officially begun and that means that kids should be outdoors and not cooped up inside. Mommy is one of those mommies who would hide the video game controllers and the keyboard and mouse so that my brothers have no choice but to go outdoors.

One day while browsing Walmart, mommy and I just happened upon the Step2 Tropical Island Resort. My eyes lit up and I wanted it then and there. I hope your mommy isn’t like mine. Mine decided to take out her smartphone and do a price comparison on Amazon right there in the middle of the aisle. Well it turned out it was cheaper on Amazon and according to mommy there was no tax involved and free shipping. That also meant that I was going to have to wait an extra 2 days before I could even play. Well it got to my house pretty quickly and every morning I get up I’m outdoors playing away.

If you have a little one like me I recommend getting the Step2 Tropical Island Resort. They would totally love it and they’ll be having so much fun outdoors they won’t want to come in.

Happy Summer! Get out and Play!

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