Learn to Ride With the Strider PREbike ST-4 #Review

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I’m a girl but a very adventurous girl. Whatever the boys have I want to have as well. I want to be able to ride with my brothers by the time I’m 3 years old. When I say I want to ride, I mean without training wheels. When the good people at Strider Bike decided to send me their Strider Prebike ST-4 to review, it was my chance to become one of the big kids. My chance to ride with the big boys so to speak! According to Strider, If your toddler can walk, your toddler can ride a strider. You will never need a tricycle or training wheels ever! I couldn’t wait to get my new pink bike and get on with my riding.

When my Strider PREbike ST-4 arrived I could wait for it to be put together. Daddy as usual was the one to do it and once again he did it while mommy was fast asleep. I woke up to my bike being all set up and ready for me to go. Daddy said that it was very easy to put together. I couldn’t wait to get on and start riding. Now before I show you all the neat features of the Strider PREbike let me tell you a bit about it taken from their website.

The STRIDER ST-4 employs the famous STRIDER No-Pedal concept, but utilizes a variety of new parts and features to elevate the bike to a whole new level. From enhanced mechanical parts like sealed cartridge bearings to more comfortable handlebar grips and improved tire tread, the new STRIDER ST-4 addresses every aspect of a child’s riding experience.

The STRIDER ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike is a scientifically proven tool for encouraging the development of spatial awareness, balance, and basic motor skills that all children need to reach their maximum riding potential faster, better, and more safely.

$109.99 – Recommended age: 18m – 5y

I wanted to put my Strider PREbike to the test so off we went for a practice run. Mommy of course had to take a picture. Do you know what that picture says? Think helmet safety! Even though my Strider PREbike isn’t that big, mommy always insist on me wearing a helmet. You never know what can happen. 

Now you may be thinking, “no pedals? won’t your toddler tip over?”. Well it is possible that your toddler may tip over on his/her own, but that’s what the Strider PREbike was built for. The Strider PREbikes are made so that toddlers like me can learn balance and coordination before we start pedaling. That builds up our confidence so that when we are ready for the real thing, we’ll definitely be ready. Notice how I am in that picture below? I think know that I’m ready! 

Now the great thing about my Strider PREbike ST-4 is that there is nothing to it but to hop on and start riding. Their motto “If your child can walk, your child can ride” is oh so true. You would never have known that I was new to this. And yes I was new! You may have seen me review other balance bikes but this is in a whole new generation of balance bikes. If you notice, the wheels aren’t wide but are more of a regular bike that we would ride on when we get older. The wheels are a durable EVA polymer tire that is maintenance free and will never need air. According to Strider Bike these are suppose to ensure hours, days, and even years of riding.

Now take a look at my handlebars. Strider Bike decided to give them that motorcross look and they are padded. Perfect for me to lay my head against when I’m tired. The handlebars are also perfect for toddler hands. Notice my tiny hands is able to grip it perfectly. Yeah Strider Bike really did think of us when they designed this. Even my seat is adjustable. It starts at 11″ off the ground for those who are shorter will be able to make it last for a very long time. The seat is also made of weather proof plastic and was created as well for little ones like me who have smaller and narrower hips. 

Now here is the cool thing about the Strider PREbike ST-4. It has a launchpad footrest! What is that you ask? Well when I’m older and have totally figured out how to do this a lot better, I will be able to put my feet on that footrest while I coast down the street. Pretty neat right?! I sure do think so. 

The Strider PREbike ST4 only weighs 6.7 pounds making it super light and easy to handle by young riders like me. With there being no pedals, chains or cables it makes it the perfect balance bike for toddlers. This has become my favorite and also mommy’s. We love that it is more like a regular bike and less like a tricycle. Mommy decided to do a little video of me learning to ride my Strider PREbike ST-4. Check it out! I’m definitely going to get better. 

Now you can purchase your very own StriderBike on their website. There are even Strider Bikes for the bigger kids up to age 10 for those who are having difficulty balancing. If that wasn’t enough, they also have co-branded bikes as well. How about a Harley Davidson? Yeah Strider has those too. We think it makes the perfect gift for the holidays which is why it’s on our Holiday Gift Guide.

Now here are the many ways you can connect with Strider Bikes:

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