Mix Up Magic In the Kitchen With the Step2 Mixin’ Up Magic Kitchen

There is nothing I love doing better than being in the kitchen when my mommy or big sister is in the kitchen cooking. You can even find me with my apron on helping out. When I’m not helping I am patiently waiting for the food or mostly cookies to be done. My big sister is great at making cookies by the way. While I can’t always help out because as mommy sometimes say, the kitchen isn’t the best place for little girls or boys, there are other alternatives. I can either go outside and play or I can pretend to be the top chef with my very own Step2 Mixin Up Magic Kitchen. Thank you Step2 for sending it to me because now I couldn’t be happier. No more “Madison you’re in the way” or “Madison you need to move”.  It’s so much nicer than mommy’s kitchen and guess what, my stove even works.

The Step2 Mixin Up Magic Kitchen is every child’s dream kitchen. It’s just like mom’s but oh so much cooler. It features lots of storage space, bins, microwave, refrigerator and best of all it comes with a whopping 42 piece accessory set. Your pots and pans, utensils and even your seasonings are included. The only thing needed is your food. Guess they can’t give you everything.

Mommy didn’t think of taking pictures of the kitchen out of the box, but the instructions were fairly simple to use, and it took roughly an hour to put everything together. It does however require 5 AA batteries which are also not included. The kitchen is big enough for about 3 – 4 kids to play together but I personally think there might be a struggle over who gets to cook. I’m not kidding you, my stove actually works, well pretend work, but you’ve got to have an imagination to play which I surely do. You can find me at my stove cooking up some goodies while using my blender to mix up a smoothie like my mommy, or even popping some good old popcorn. The lights and sound sure makes it look realistic.

I’ve even learned the proper way to open and close my oven using my oven mitt so my little hands doesn’t get burned. After baking some delicious goodies it’s usually time for coffee or tea. Mommy loves coffee but I’m going to have me some tea. After all it’s what dainty ladies like me drink.

Now after all that hard work in the kitchen it’s time to wash my dishes. I hate having a dirty kitchen so my dishes need to be spotless. I go to my kitchen sink where I usually put them after using. There I wash my dishes and dry them with my included kitchen towel. With so much storage space there is lots of room to put the dishes away keeping my kitchen uncluttered.

Step2 thought of all the tiny details when they decided to make the Mixin’ Up Magic Kitchen. With working shutters and doors to all appliances they even thought of adding in recycling bins. That way I can recycle just like mommy and do my part in keeping the environment clean. They also included feeding bowls for your favorite stuffed pet as well. Now your animals can join in the fun too.

The Step2 Mixin’ Up Magic Kitchen is a great way to enhance your kids creative play and imagination. It’s also perfect for teaching your child safety in the kitchen. Your kids are sure to have lots of fun in this magical kitchen. As I mentioned set-up wasn’t difficult and it’s sturdy enough to last quite a few years. I can see myself playing with this until I’m at least 5 or 6 years old and maybe even longer. There is so much to do that the only time the fun stops is when your imagination does. So get a friend or two and join in the fun in the Step2 Mixin’ Up Magic Kitchen. This kitchen totally gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

The Step2 Mixin Up Magic Kitchen is sold exclusively at ToysRUs for $199.99 and is recommended for age 2 and up.

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