6 Different Ways to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

Different Ways to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

For many of us, our cars are one of the places where we will spend several hours every day. Whether it is the daily commute to and from work or routine drive around for relaxation, your car should be as comfortable as to enjoy the trips. And one of the first areas you need to work on first is the car seat.

Contrary to what many people tend to assume, it is not only old car models that will have uncomfortable seats. Even newer vehicles can have some unpleasant ones, and this is more so as the seat ages. Luckily, there are some easy fixes that you can apply to make your car seat more comfortable.

Different Ways to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

1. Adjust the Car Seat

In many instances, the only reason why you find the car seat uncomfortable is that it is not appropriately adjusted. Hence, the first thing you need to do is change it to suit your specific body dimensions.

1.1 Adjust the Position of the Car Seat 

Many vehicles will include a lever that will allow you to move the seat forward or back. Using this lever, you need to adjust the cushion while on the seat until you find the most comfortable position. Changing the seat position will ensure it will conform to your specific body size.

1.2 Adjust the Car Seat Back

Next, you should adjust the car seat’s back. And to do this, you will first need to center your body. You should then sit back as straight as possible and make sure you are parallel to your steering wheel. Now adjust the car seat back to accommodate this posture.

2. Adust the Steering Wheel

With the car seat adjusted to your preferred position, you can now proceed to adjust the steering wheel. This will ensure you maintain proper access and reach for a more comfortable driving position.

Most vehicles allow for simple steering adjustment at the pull of a lever or push of a button, but some older models will require a professional mechanic to adjust.

All in all, you should aim to have the steering wheel in apposition that allows you to place your wrists flat over the wheels without putting much effort, while the shoulder blades are firmly rested on the car seat back.

Different Ways to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

3. Add a Car Seat Cushion

Adding a car seat cushion is perhaps the easiest fix, and what many drivers will turn to when they want their seats to be more comfortable, but it is also among the most effective. A car seat cushion provides that much-needed cushioning and support for the worn-out seats.

Car seat cushions are also more cost-effective as you can get a good one for just a few bucks. Hence, you will not need to spend much to make your car seat more comfortable.

Better yet, most are also designed to be versatile as besides the car seat; you can also use them when commuting on the train and even for adding some extra comfort to your office chair.

Car seat cushions will also come in different types. They range from memory foam types to wedge-style ones, and the more advanced ones with heating capabilities to keep you warm on cold days. Some cushions are also designed to provide extra lumbar support for even more comfortable drives.

According to CarCareTotal, The Everlasting Comfort Car Seat is a perfect example of a super comfortable and highly versatile car seat cushion that will be handy for a wide variety of situations.

4. Use Lumbar and Neck Support

A car seat needs to be more supportive to be comfortable. Hence, as you try to make it comfier, you should consider adding more lumbar and neck support. Extra lumbar and neck support will help prevent back and neck pain.

Many vehicles will come with some form of lumbar support built-in. Before you decide to buy anything else, you should try to put what you have to good use. You can start by using it at a lower level and increase the support level when taking long drives.

If you often end up with a painful neck after log drives, you should think of getting some support for your neck. This can be in the form of neck support pillows, but make sure what you buy is approved for use in vehicles.

An additional lumbar support cushion can also be great for your back. However, when adding these cushions, you need to be careful not to overdo things as the aim here is to maintain a more natural posture for the back.

Different Ways to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

5. Add Seat Belt Cover

While the seat belts might be crucial for your safety when driving, they have a tendency of chafing against the collarbone and chest, which can be very uncomfortable.

The good news is that adding a seat belt cover can provide a simple fix for this. A seat belt cover will make sure the seat belt is not the source of your discomfort when driving. And note that seat belt covers will not affect its performance or safety.

6. Dress Appropriately When Driving

You probably do not pay a lot of attention to your dress code when driving, but what you might not know is that it can also affect your driving comfort.

For long drives, clothing that is not very tight will ensure there is enough air circulation and hence keeping you cool, which makes the trips more comfortable.

Also, your footwear should not be a source of discomfort when driving. Try to wear shoes that are as comfortable as possible and avoid things like high heels and large, bulky boots.

Different Ways to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

In Conclusion

Total comfort when driving is essential to ensure you reach your destination with no body aches, and it will also make your drives safe. Making your car seat as comfortable as possible is the perfect starting point to ensure you drive comfortably.

From properly adjusting the car seat and steering wheel to adding extra seat cushion and lumbar support, there are several things you can try to enhance vehicle comfort. Lastly, also keep in mind that what you wear when driving matters a lot. 

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