A List of Dream Gifts to Send to Your Husband or Partner

A List of Dream Gifts to Send to Your Husband or Partner

Having a husband or partner choose the perfect gift for us is what we’ve always dreamed of, especially if it’s a luxury gift. After all, there will always be a luxury gift that we’ve dreamed of having, and instead of buying it ourselves, we’ve hoped that our husband or partner would get it instead. But for many of us, we have partners who don’t always get it 100% right, or we are hoping one day they will splurge on us because we deserve it! Or maybe we have a list of dream gifts that we keep so we can treat ourselves one day. Letting your partners in on your list of dream gifts will make it easier for them and give them an idea of what you would really love!

Looking for a list of dream gift ideas? We have you covered.

A List of Dream Gifts to Send to Your Husband or Partner


A designer watch is a timeless piece that can elevate any look. These are amazing gifts because they can also become heirlooms and be passed down through the generations! However, these are a hefty investment. To find some of the best watches, check out sites such as Pisa Orologeria and browse their Rolex in-store selection to see if anything sparks your fancy. Your wrist will be thanking you later.


If you use your AirPods every day or you travel, having a unique logo AirPods case adds serious style to this everyday item. It will be something you reach for constantly, and having a special case adds that extra touch! Luxury brand Prada has a gorgeous case for your AirPods, with a strap included.


A Louis Vuitton bag is a gift that makes the list of dream gifts for many! If you love a beautiful piece with a logo, a Louis Vuitton bag is the ultimate gift. The greatest part is, you can ask for a bag on any luxury budget, with smaller bags beginning at $1200, going all the way up to the $10,000, and more, see what fits your budget and needs.

A List of Dream Gifts to Send to Your Husband or Partner


Leather gloves are an item that you will have for years. You probably already have a pair in your collection, but a luxury pair from Hermès with the logo, or even one that just focuses on the detail, is one you will feel excited to reach for! It’s a great way to bring a little French luxe with you all winter long.


If you love to get ready and indulge in some self-care, having a beauty station at home can make for the perfect gift! If you have the space, you can add a vanity to your bathroom at home or set out a separate area in your bedroom.

Some of these items on the list are a bit more affordable, while others we may need to dream about for a bit longer. But it never hurts to dream, especially these days when a lot of us are stuck at home! 

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