Kidoo Pets by Teeboo Toys – Review

Disclaimer: I received a toy from Teeboo Toys for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Though the product was free, opinions are 100% my very own. 

I have a family who loves pets. As a matter of fact I originally had 2 dogs, a cat and fishes. I now only have 1 dog and a cat but I love them immensely. Being only 25 months old there are times when I am not always nice to my best friend Kitty. I have pulled her tail, stepped on her, kicked her and numerous other unmentionables but still she remains my best friend. When given the chance to review one of Teeboo Toys interactive plush toys mommy said yes! After all here was a way for me to learn how to actually take care of a pet without hurting it.

As usual I like to give a bit of background about the company before going into my actual review. Here is a bit about Teeboo taken from their about page:

French toy maker Teeboo™ launched its US operations in 2011, based in Los Angeles, CA. The mission of Teeboo is to create exceptional plush toys that are fun and interactive for kids and awaken their sense of nurturing, caring and loving. The quality plush toys are originally designed in Paris, France and made with the finest material.

Founder Guillaume Brasseur formed the company in France in 2008 after working two decades in his family-owned toy company originally founded by his father. Brasseur comes from a long line of toy makers who began manufacturing toys since the 1950s. Teeboo’s toy line is available in France at fine retailers including La Grande Récré as well as at some of the largest toy distributors like Auchan. Brasseur launched Teeboo USA with co-founder Anouk Zisa, a toy and entertainment Marketing, Sales & Licensing professional.

Teeboo™ is proud to create toys that are ideal for all ages and in full compliance with the stringent U.S., Canadian and European safety standards as they want to insure that the children playing with their toys are kept safe. Teeboo uses third-party, government-approved facilities to test and evaluate all of the toys, ensuring top quality and safety.

There are quite a lot of Kidoo pets including a very unique unicorn. Now who wouldn’t love taking care of a unicorn? I received the Kidoo Pets Golden Retriever and I was ecstatic. Although I am mean to my kitty at times, my Gizmo who is a Shih-Tzu isn’t let off the hook either. I can be mean to him at times too. This was a really great way for me to begin my training.

The one thing that I really loved about this is that it was so easy to remove from the packaging. Don’t you just hate those toys that takes forever because you need a jackhammer to remove them? Not this! All you need is a pair of scissors to remove the thread securing his paws and he’s ready for play. I do mean that he’s ready for play. He comes with battery included so there’s no need to go hunting for new ones unless you want a fresh set. They are also very soft and perfect for all ages!

My Golden Retriever came with his own feeding bowl so I can pretend to give him food. He also has 9 interactive functions. I can gently pet his head, press his ears, stroke his back and his belly, squeeze his paws and even pull his tail. I bet you know which one I did first right? You got it! I pulled his tail. When I did he made the most sad sound indicating that it wasn’t nice to pull his tail.

His interactive functions teaches me what he likes and doesn’t like. For example petting his head and scratching his back makes him very happy. It also teaches me that I need to be patient and loving. Pulling his tail, squeezing his paws and even pulling his ears shows me the things he doesn’t like. I now know that it’s also mean to do those things. Feeding him and rubbing his belly shows that I know how to take care of him. Well I’m at least learning.

Kidoo Pets make great learning toys. You will love the realistic animal sounds and your little one will have fun while learning. The grown ups will also love that we are now learning to be nice to the furry friends in the family. I can’t say how much I am learning to be a kind Madison now that I’ve been playing with my new Golden Retriever. Kidoo Pets by Teeboo Toys gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Check out the cute commercial of how this toy really works with the interactive features:

Here are the ways to connect with Teeboo Toys:

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