Useful Tricks For Keeping A Bunch Of Belongings In A Small Space

Some people truly enjoy organizing their belongings – no matter how much space they operate within their homes. For those that identify with doing so – the probability is high that they have no issue keeping their belongings neat, even in smaller spaces. The problem is, a huge number of people find organizing their stuff a time-costly chore, and even a nuisance. Things get even more complicated for those that live in small spaces, as organizing gets exponentially harder in such circumstances. That is if you’re used to regular, good old ways of doing so.

As suggested by the name of the article – there are a lot of useful tips and tricks that can make your life way easier when it comes to this topic. If you have clicked on this article to find out what those tricks are – you have come to the right place. Here, you will be able to read about all that you can do to easily make organizing your stuff in a small space way easier and more efficient. Let’s dig right in.

Small Space Organization

Utilize Your Ceiling 

Nowadays, hanging potted plants are getting trendier and trendier – they look really nice, right? The thing is, they also save a lot of space, and inspiration can be drawn from this example when it comes to storage space in general. One good trick for your small living space is hanging coat racks. By installing one, you save on floor space, and you can easily blend them into any surrounding – no matter your overall furniture plan.

Utilizing your ceiling is especially important when it comes to garage spaces. When it comes to garage storage solutions, modular hooks are the best way to save floor space while still retaining all your stuff in order – only suspended in air. No matter whether you opt to store light or bulkier items, you will be able to do so as such hooks are extremely durable.

Think Vertically

Once you’ve covered the ceiling, it’s time to focus on all the unused vertical space. People oftentimes overlook the potential that their walls harbor when it comes to storage. So, let’s see in which way can you get the most of your potential vertical storage space.


Installing pegboards is probably the easiest way to organize your belongings vertically. Not only are they practical and you can hang everything from decoration to clothing, but pegboards actually also look nice. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns, hence ensuring that it doesn’t look like a necessity – but an intentional decoration choice.

Shelves everywhere!

There’s no overdoing it when it comes to shelves in regard to storage in small spaces. They offer valuable space for all sorts of things, hence, installing them in abundance is something that you should consider. From a design point of view, installing high shelves is a great option. They ensure that your walls don’t feel cramped, and you can store the things that you use less up there.

Over-the-door hangers

Doors count as vertical storage space as well! The most common places in which over-the-door hangers are useful are kitchens and bathrooms. So, bathrobes, towels, cloths, and similar can finally be stored properly. You even gain more cupboard space, so that you can store more stuff there. Bedroom doors should not be overlooked though, as such hangers can store some everyday clothing like PJs. 

Transform Everyday Objects into Storage Space

The most important thing when it comes to storage in small spaces is to opt for multifunctional furniture. While such furniture can turn out to be quite expensive, you can always opt for a little bit of DIY. There are some really simple ways in which you can enhance the storage space of the objects that you already own, so, let’s see what are they.

Making more space under your bed

What better way to use space than to get a bunch of storage containers and keep them under the bed? They are hidden from plain sight and there is a lot of space for all the items that you don’t use regularly. But, what if you don’t have all that much space under your bed? Well, in that case, all you need to do is to purchase a set of risers. Risers are a great way to enhance the space under your bed, and you don’t have to worry about stability. They are made for this exact purpose, so, you can be sure that they will rise to the occasion.

Even the space under the mattress can be utilized

When it comes to extra sheets that you use during the winter, we all know how much space they use up during the summertime. The easiest way to solve this issue is to simply store your extra sheets under your mattress during these periods. 

Scale up your closet

Most of the closets already come with a lot of storage space, but you can still scale them up. The easiest way to achieve this is by opting for command hooks. They are cheap and easy to install, so, make sure that you stick as many of them as you can at the back of your closet. By doing so, you can easily hide your winter jackets, coats, and similar at the back of the closet. You will still have a lot of space that is intrinsically intended for storage, so, you get the best of both worlds!

Even Corners Can Be Transformed into Storage Space

Finally, let’s talk about the least used places of them all – corners. Most of the people overlook the potential of corners, hence leaving them to gather dust. Well, you aren’t going to do this, and the best way to utilize your corners is to install a couple of bars into your corners. This way, you create more space for clothing that you use on daily basis. You can hang your favorite coat on one of those bars, hence making them easily accessible when you leave your place in the morning.

Small Space Organization

Finally, as you’ve been able to see – organizing stuff doesn’t have to be all that difficult after all. By employing some smart tricks, you will be able to store more things in a small space than you can possibly even imagine. Especially when it comes to smaller spaces, it is incredibly important for you to be practical. Utilizing spaces that you don’t normally even consider as storage space truly is the key. So, now that you have some new tricks up your sleeve, all that’s left is to act on them. Good luck organizing, and enjoy your refurbished, clutter-free home!

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