The Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Bathroom A New Look

At some point, we get bored with the same old bathroom we’ve had for years and think about going for a new look. It can be so tempting to get the biggest hammer and break it all down. But when we think about the consequences of doing that, we put that hammer back down and move on. Or do we? Tearing down your bathroom means you have to rebuild it from scratch, which is both hectic and expensive. However, sometimes all it takes is a few magical touches and VOILA! Your bathroom is good as new! We’ll hand you the wand, teach you some spells, and you work your magic from there.

For Artists

If you have artistic talents, you can draw on your walls and you can Imagine drawing some colorful shapes on your tiles to make them come to life! You can draw from shapes to small doodles to a huge painting. You may also color your bathtub or draw masterpieces on it and it will be like you just got a new tub. 

How about coloring your bathroom floors? Paint your tiles with different colors, or create a pattern. There is no limit to creativity. 

Simple Artistic Tweaks 

Sometimes just a little change makes a huge difference. You don’t have to be an artist though. It can be as simple as just changing the wall colors to turning your bathroom into your artistic masterpiece. There are so many wonderful suggestions on this site that give out-of-the-box ideas. All you need to do is do a bit of research and you’re bound to find a lot of creative ideas to make your bathroom stand out. 

Not An Artist? No Problem

If you don’t have the talent to draw, you can still use very simple tricks and still be artistic. One of the coolest options is to get pattern models and use them to create a colorful pattern shape for your floor or your walls. Another crazy idea is maybe sticking footsteps, or have some fun coloring your feet and leaving a stamp. You may just color every other tile with paint as well. 

Adjust without Going Crazy

If you don’t feel like painting or changing colors, you may buy some items that will give your bathroom a beautiful touch and make it feel brand new. Install tiles on your walls or/and floor. You can get some brick-like tiles of your favorite color and stick them on your wall, or change one part of your floor with different tiles.

Maybe choose a color that contrasts with your original wall color and have the new tiles cover only half your wall. They will look stylish and give your bathroom a new look. 

Different Tile Options

There are endless options when it comes to tile shapes, material, and colors.

  • Wood plank Tiles: wide, long wood plank tiles are gorgeous, as well as simple and stylish. They give a warm feeling to your bathroom too. You may choose the length and width you are most comfortable with and stick them around the lower half of your walls. 
  • Ceramic Bricks: they come in a huge variety of shapes, type of ceramic, and colors. 
  • Marble Tiles: this is another cool option that gives a different feel to your bathroom
  • Mosaic Tiles: they are mainly ready-made pieces of art that are ready-made for you to choose from and give your bathroom the makeover you are looking for.
  • Pebble Tiles: they give a beachy sort of feeling, or maybe street is more like it? Whatever the feeling they give, they’re awesome!


It may sound a little unusual, but you can hang pictures on your bathroom walls. No? Alright, how about cool-looking mirrors? Makes more sense? Fair enough. A mirror can change a lot more than you give it credit for. Mirrors come in so many different shapes and frames, they can be as mind-blowing as a painting on the wall. 

One other funky idea is to give your towels a makeover. Get new towel hangers and new colorful towels and BAM! Here’s a hot, yet simple, way to change your bathroom. 

Already like your towels? How about plants? They are beautiful and some plant pots are just super hip! And you know what plants may need? Shelves. Do you know what else shelves can carry? Stuff! A cool idea is to put 2 little plant pots on each side and small towels between them. Another option is to put your shampoo bottles or creams or any products. 

Closed cabinets are magical too. Taking away all the clutter of products, towels, whatever you keep in your bathroom. It will help give you more space and they can look pretty chic. 

There is no limit to how creative you can get with your simple bathroom tweaks and no need for remodeling. A little addition can make a huge difference and who knows? They may be even better than changing your whole bathroom. 

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