6 Signs You Need Roof Repair

Is your roof in need of repair? Learn about the signs you should look out for and take action to preserve the value and integrity of your home.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

Roof repair is a hassle that most people wouldn’t want to go through. It isn’t something that you can get done on your own. Going through the process of repairing roof damages is annoying and inconvenient, and can also be very costly. Many signs can indicate that your roof isn’t in good shape, and there are some that you can’t ignore.

Neglecting roof repair and ignoring periodic maintenance will cost you more in the long run than fixing small damages right away. The sooner it’s fixed, the fewer complications and damage it will cause to your home. You have to always remember that your roof is your number one defense against weather conditions, and any damage affects the value of your property. Without further ado, here are 6 signs that indicate whether you need a roof repair.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

1. Missing or Fractured Shingles

If you have fractured, crimped, or missing shingles, it’s a significant indication that their lifespan is on the line. Keeping them for longer will only put your home at risk. This sign of curled, cracked, or absent shingles means you should go for a roof repair. You might even have to replace your whole roof if the damage is irreparable due to neglect.

2. Wet and Dirty Shingles

Wet or dirty shingles are another serious sign of requiring roof repair. Moistened shingles mean they’re no longer capable of serving their purpose and, if left unmaintained, can cause inner damage sooner than you think. Wet shingles can cause soaked walls and ceilings, allowing water and humidity into your home. This is often a huge problem in humid areas like Pittsburgh. If you notice that you have a problem with your shingles, look for a roofer in Pittsburgh to help you fix the problem. It could get even worse and might lead to mold growing inside and along your walls and ceilings. While they look unpleasant, they also have dangerous side effects on the health of the household.

3. Attic Leaks After Heavy Rain

One of the common signs of roof damage is having drips of rainwater in your attic. If the reason behind dripping water is porous underlayment, it means that the damage went too far, and you will probably need to undergo roof replacement. Check your attic, especially after rainstorms, to detect any leakage before the issue develops. If there are no signs of water dripping or leakage, check the items and belongings stored in your attic; if they’re dry, then you’re problem-free. If not, further investigations are necessary to determine the amount of damage that your roof has endured and whether you need it repaired or replaced. 

Signs You Need Roof Repair

4. Sagging Ceiling 

Sloping beams in your attic usually indicate that moisture has found its way through your ceiling. Leakage of moisture also causes the ceiling to sag. If this happens, you should seriously consider roof repair. If the sagging is localized, you can avoid full roof repair and just opt for a quick fix. Make sure that the insulation is done perfectly well and by an experienced professional in order to avoid the recurrence of the same problem.

5. Breakage Around Chimneys and Flashing

Wrecked and damaged bricks around chimneys, pipes, and other parts of the roof can be a serious issue. Not only could it cause roof damage, but it can be dangerous and repair costs are hefty if the issue is not addressed early on. It is needless to say that it might collapse inward and put the lives of the household members in danger. If this sounds familiar, you need to call a professional immediately for the needed repairs. Cracked and damaged flashing causes moisture to enlarge; moisture expansion can affect the indoor temperature of your home and can also affect the functionality of your fireplace.

6. Stained and Blistered Paint

Stains and discoloration on walls mean that leakage of moisture has been an issue for quite a while. The wall paint gradually change into a grayish or yellowish color. This may even cause wall paint to blister or peel. Ceilings usually show spots of moisture; if the water levels are high, these spots might start dripping.

Check how long your roof has been built for. Usually, a newly built roof only lasts for 20 years. Even if you undergo repairs and maintenance, a roof that exceeds 20 years old is overdue for replacement. Don’t wait until consequences put you in danger and jeopardize your safety.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

These are all signs that a  roof needs repair or replacement. Go through your checklist and if you observe significant signs, don’t hesitate to seek professional help, as a DIY fix can end up costing more later. A roof repair or replacement is a major and undesirable expense that no one wants to experience. It’s a process that most people wouldn’t undergo in order to save themselves the hassle and inconvenience. You have to remember that a neglected roof is hard to repair, so make sure it’s regularly checked on and maintained.

Experiencing higher bills is usually due to roof damages, and periodic maintenance helps avoid dangerous consequences. With that said, remember that roof repairs require professional help; this is not a task that you can handle on your own.

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