Signs of Roof Damage You Need to Be Aware Of


Who would even think about their roof, when they have a whole facade to worry about, as long as the roof is not leaking it’s fine, right? Well, not entirely – the roof is an important part of every building and it shouldn’t be taken so lightly! Just like with anything else, ignoring minor damages can cause a lot of costly problems down the line, so why not fix it while it’s small instead of having to change the whole thing? So here are some signs of roof damage you need to be aware of!

Signs of Roof Damage

How to Inspect your Roof?

Roofs are definitely not on the top list of anyone’s priorities until it becomes a huge problem. With that being said, there are so many issues that can arise, without you even knowing, and depending on the type of roof and the material it’s made of, they can vary. But, since it’s always smarter to be safe now rather than sorry later, you need to inspect your roof from time to time. Start from the inside – especially after heavy rains or snow, see how your attic holds up. How is your roof looking from the outside – is it missing any tiles? 

Leakage and Discoloring

Probably one of the most obvious – and serious signs that your roof is damaged is if it’s leaking. Usually, it will start small, with subtle discoloration of the ceiling. If you ignore these changes, it can get pretty bad and your ceiling might even break down due to it being exposed to so much water. As mentioned at this link, repairing such damage is quite intricate, but not impossible, as multiple factors play into it. The sooner you notice this type of damage, the lesser consequences you’ll face. That’s why you need to pay attention to it, it’s for your own good – roof damage can be quite bad especially in locations where it’s pretty humid and rainy the whole year-round. 

Visible Damages

A pretty common sign that your roof is in dire need of repair,  a lot of people seem to look past, is the obvious visible damage. This can be anything, from missing tiles that can be seen on the ground around your home, watch out for those, as it can get pretty dangerous if your roof is shedding its debris, you don’t want anyone to get accidentally hurt. Depending on what kind of roof you have, if you notice that the sun is peeking through, this is definitely a sign that you need to repair it as soon as possible. 

Signs of Roof Damage

Rot and decay

Your roof is exposed to all sorts and kinds of things outside, so it’s only normal that certain things occur over time. Buildings and houses are no stranger to mold, rot, and decay, especially if there is a hole water can get trapped in. If your roof is damaged, chances are the water might get trapped in your ceiling and thus creating mold. This can even happen on your roof as well, with fungus attacking the outer layer of the roof too. Unfortunately, mold can create a lot of problems, so it’s better to pay attention to fixing your roof before things get out of hand. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Fixing a small part of your roof is better than having to replace it in its entirety, as well as fixing the nearby walls – that will certainly hurt your wallet more!

Your Home is too Hot or too Cold

If you notice that no matter how much you turn up the heater, or blast the AC, your home is constantly staying at the same temperature. Regardless if it’s cold or hot outside, you simply can’t change the temperature how you like – and that’s because you probably have a damaged roof that’s letting all the air out. Electrical bills can get pretty high if you keep on doing so, it’s better to patch up your roof instead!

Having an Old Roof

Regardless if you’ve both an old house, or if you’ve been living in the same one during your lifetime – if the roof hasn’t been repaired in any way for more than 20 years…you might want to pay attention. Usually, that’s how long most roofs last, obviously it all depends on the materials and the type of roof you have to begin with, but usually having an old roof is probably a sign you need to replace it!

 At the end of the day, roofs aren’t there to be pretty, their purpose is to keep the house whole and to protect it. So you need to worry about it a bit more now that you know all the possible consequences!

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