How to Check the Quality of a Paint Job in Real Estate

You have just purchased a brand-new house where nobody has ever lived in. You are too thrilled about it because you have all the time in the world to do whatever it takes to turn it into a really wonderful haven.

One of the first steps that you’ll have to take is to paint your home. If you do not have any experience when it comes to this, it would be recommendable to hire a professional to do it instead.

Since house paints are supposed to provide you with both protection and decoration to the surfaces of the house walls, it must be done the right way. You’ll know exactly what to look for when inspecting the completed paint job with these tips below.

How to Check the Quality of a Paint Job

Important Things To Look For In A Quality House Paint Job

When To Do It In The First Place?

First things first, you’re supposed to choose the color at the beginning of the project. If you’re not too sure about it, you can always ask the painter for a color test, so you can find the suitable one.

Just bear in mind that it would not be smart to wait until the entire floor is painted before concluding that the color is either too bright or too dark. Furthermore, you should inspect the house when the project is done, however, it wouldn’t hurt to do it during work, just to check how everything is going.

This will enable you to ask some questions (if necessary) or to accentuate some things that should be corrected before everything is one hundred percent completed.

Properly Prepped 

One of the most crucial factors for practically any painting project to go swimmingly is to make sure that the whole project was properly prepared for paint. The creative team at suggests that there are several questions that you should be asking yourself. For instance, has the painter pressure washed the exterior of the house before painting just to ensure the paint sticks properly?

Has he or she repaired, or filled all holes, cracks, and settling lines to avoid water damage, water intrusion, and very hazardous mold? Were any water damaged, or water-stained areas fixed? These, along with some other questions, must be asked to make sure everything was executed the right way.

What Else You Must Do?


Whoever you choose to be your painting contractor, keep in mind that you have the absolute right to expect from him/her to caulk window frames, holes, and other trim areas that normally demand this.

One of the main goals of painting your home is to protect it from the environment, and that’s precisely what caulking does. Namely, it prevents water from leaking in behind trim and causing serious issues.

Additionally, on the inside of your house, caulking removes the home a plethora of bugs would like to create behind the cabinets or trim work. That’s why caulking is essential when it comes to this whole process. Its purpose is to make sure that everything is done perfectly inside and out.

Is Coverage Even?

While walking around your house, pay attention to the applied paint coverage. Faded spots, paint lines in the middle of walls, blotchiness, areas that weren’t properly blended, faded spots, cracks, and holes, missing paint below grade, un-caulked spaced, and many other things. 

If you want to be sure there aren’t any uneven, or patchy coverage, just check around adjacent corners and the areas around window frames. Furthermore, check to see whether the paint lines of the paint job are straight, crisp, and clean enough. 

Clean Lines Between Separate Pain Colors

A lot of people have witnessed painting jobs where the intersection between the walls and ceiling looks quite chaotic and messy because the color from the walls has fallen to the ceiling. If that occurs, then you should immediately contact the person you’ve hired because no professional should walk away from a job where the lines between trim and ceiling aren’t clean and straight enough.

“Bleeding” Is Not Permitted

In a majority of cases, two to three coats of paint are necessary to complete a painting project the right way. Now, since every project is different, no one can tell you for sure how many coats of paint your house will require, and at times, the primer may also need to be utilized before the paint.

So, during your last walk-through, pay attention to everything, just to be sure that you do not notice old primer “bleeding” or paint through the fresh paint.

How to Check the Quality of a Paint Job

Since we’re talking about your house, it’s of huge importance to check all these things that were mentioned in this article. This will help you spot any potential imperfections and immediately do something about them.

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