Simple Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Simple Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen

A lot of people get confused between remodeling and renovation however, these two terms mean different things. Renovation is about updating the kitchen and improving the appearance without changing any of its applications. On the other hand, kitchen remodeling is concerned with altering the structure or design of the room. Remodeling can result in a change in applications of the kitchen. Many people have the conception that transforming the kitchen requires a great deal of money. But you can complete it within the budget by doing simple things. If you are thinking about how here are some ideas that will get you going.

  1. Artwork

The transformation that involves kitchen remodel does not have to break your bank account. You may use simple actions such as artwork over the walls for this purpose. Having a gallery wall not only suits the living room but can also spruce up things within the kitchen. You may have a chalkboard wall that is inexpensive and looks nice.

  1. Using paint or wallpaper

You can select the painting option if you own a small kitchen that may get overwhelmed with a busy pattern. Painting, in most cases, is a full-proof way of adding character to the kitchen. However, you will need a variety that is capable of resisting moisture and comes with a sheen that can be wiped. The most suitable alternatives for this are satin and eggshell. If you are looking for a more trendy appearance select wallpaper. If you are living in an older house the walls may have imperfections such as hairline cracks. The wallpaper can hide them but ensure that you are using a wall covering that is vinyl-based. It can withstand splashes and steam a lot better than paper.

  1. Use cabinets and open shelves

If you are not keen to spend a lot of time stacking the dishes neatly after dinner you can choose cabinets. There are many components involved in a kitchen that can lead to clutter therefore closed storage is a necessity. You can provide an airy feel to the open shelves by painting them with colors that match with countertops. If you are a neat person you may opt for open shelves that can also show off the beautiful kitchenware you own. Open shelves also make the kitchen appear larger due to the elimination of most of the upper cabinetry. In case you like the appearance of open shelves but also need the storage capabilities of cabinets you can have a mixed design to achieve the best of both worlds.

Simple Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen
  1. White and stainless steel appliances

You can opt for stainless steel when you are looking to get all modern amenities and a timeless appearance. Many brands these days offer stainless steel models by using technology. Some of them include models with a built-in screen that allows users to play music and manage the calendar. The silver finish does attract fingerprints and smudges therefore you must be prepared to wipe it many times. If you are looking for something fingerprint-proof and less expensive go for white. It looks great with white appliances typically in the smaller kitchen. It is also possible to strike a balance between the two alternatives by opting for a combination.

  1. Laminated, hardwood, or tile flooring

When you want something timeless that is capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear and can be refinished several times over go for hardwood. But, they are expensive. You can use engineered hardwood that comes with a plywood base with a thick veneer of solid wood on the top. This is a relatively cheaper option and it can be refinished many times. You can select tile or laminate flooring when you want a scratch-resistant and durable floor covering. Laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive but you cannot reseal or restain it like the wood option. It is durable and some of the options look like real wood. You might be too busy to deal with this, however, you can get help from home remodel contractors to take care of it.

  1. Chairs and banquette seating

If you have many children around the home and you have to squeeze them inside the kitchen go for banquette seating. The banquettes use empty wall space and may contain hidden storage areas. But unless they are well-designed viz. the back of the banquette must have a right pitch, the seating must have cushions, and the right length for the table, they will become troublesome. If you are looking for comfortable seating, chairs will allow you to sit with more people around the table. The feeling of comfort is increased by installing a digital thermostat that will regulate the room temperature and you will want to spend even more time in your kitchen.

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