Reasons Why Biltong Is a Great Food For Traveling

Being on the road is loads of fun, and who doesn’t enjoy snacking while you take in the scenery? Moms know the benefit of good snacks to keep kids busy on the road, and what better snack to take along than a bag of biltong. It is tasty and nutritious and makes for an excellent travel companion because it remains fresh the entire time. Biltong comes in various flavors and meat choices, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can buy biltong in 1kg packs for longer trips, so you never run out of something to snack on. This Southern African delicacy has been enjoyed for centuries and has finally hit international shores. Here are the reasons why you should make biltong your travel companion: 

Reasons Why Biltong Is a Great Food For Traveling

Nutritious traveling

Traveling can take a toll on your body, especially if you are sitting in the same position for hours. Your body can lose energy and experience a range of mishaps, from deep vein thrombosis to feeling lethargic, nauseous, and dehydrated. The great thing about biltong is that it’s pure protein, amongst other great nutrients. It helps keep your body functioning even if you are sitting in a car for days or on a flight for hours. 

Protein is the building block that builds and retains your muscle and cellular function, and your body can start to shut down if it doesn’t get enough of it, especially when you are not moving around. Protein provides the body with the energy it needs to rebuild and maintain muscle function and regenerate your body’s cells. It assists with cardiovascular function so that all age groups can benefit from a bit of biltong on long journeys. Teething babies can benefit from the rough texture and the salt to ease their itchy gums, and kids can enjoy it while they keep busy on their cellular devices. 


Traveling can be the worst time to keep food fresh, and without ice, your cooldrinks, fruit, or cooked meals can go off if not eaten immediately. Biltong retains its flavor and shape, so you can snack on it and save some for later on in your trip. 

It isn’t made with a sauce like beef jerky so that it can stay fresh for longer. 


Biltong is inexpensive, so that you can take lots of it with you on your trips. It is also becoming easy to find at rest stops and supermarkets, making it a convenient snack for traveling. There are vegetarian versions available, where vegetables like eggplant or zucchini are used to replace them. There is soy available as well if you would like to try a less vegan version. 

Biltong is a very diverse snack with a lot of rich history. It can make any trip fun with all the information about its origin and how good it is for you to eat, so grab the family and a bag of your favorite biltong and take a trip with the healthiest snack around.

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