Quicker and Smarter Methods in Cleaning your Home

Everyone loves to stay in a clean and organized house but few like to do the actual cleaning themselves. Additionally, most people don’t know how to quickly and efficiently clean their spaces. For instance, they don’t know which room to start with and whether to start with dusting or vacuuming. If you fall under this category, you may find yourself procrastinating. When you keep doing this, you will likely end up accumulating a lot of dirt and clutter in your house. 

In the end, it will even be more difficult to clean your house. If you are in a home and have no idea how to clean efficiently, here are some tips and smarter ways to clean your space.

Quicker and Smarter Methods in Cleaning your Home
  1. Get rid of your clutter

The first effective tip to get your house in order is to get rid of all the clutter that you have accumulated. It might take you longer to remove all the items scattered all through your home but it will be worthwhile. Removing all of these things will also make it easier and faster for your house cleaners to clean your space once they come in. When decluttering, remember to also wipe down the appliances that were in contact or adjacent to the pieces you have just decluttered.

  1. Clean in a pattern

Don’t waste your time jumping from one end of the house to the other. The best way to clean is to begin from one room to the other. Even when cleaning each room start from the top downwards. It will also be more effective to work from one end of the room towards the other, ideally left to right. This method works because you’ll be able to filter dust from your walls onto the floor. Once you’ve done this you can then vacuum the floor. 

Have a garbage bag with you as you clean every room. It allows you to reduce your waste as you go, meaning you won’t have too much to do when wrapping everything up.

  1. Have your cleaning supplies in a tote

Almost all professional cleaners providing cleaning services to their clients have totes that come in handy when cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Get a plastic tote where you can keep your cleaning cloths, cleaners, and other items that you use when cleaning. This will make it easier for you to clean dirty surfaces outside of the weekly or monthly general cleaning. Keep the tote out of children’s reach in higher cabinet spaces. Cleaning in between when you notice a stain on the countertop here, or a dusty switchplate there is essential. It helps you maintain a clean space much easier. It will also reduce your workload during general cleaning.

  1. Increasing vacuuming speed

The first secret to vacuuming a room quickly is to have a very efficient cleaner with an innovative air filter. Quick vacuuming will be less tiring and less time-consuming. Doing it once every week is enough to keep your space clean. When vacuuming focus on the center of each room and around the doorways. In the dining area, focus on the floor underneath your chairs and dining table. A few times every year, you can move the furniture to vacuum all the debris that may have collected underneath them.

Quicker and Smarter Methods in Cleaning your Home

There are many other ways to improve your cleaning technique. If you lead a very busy life, you might not always have the time to clean the house. In a case like this, it will be in your best interest to hire a professional cleaner. They are qualified and have a lot of expertise keeping spaces immaculate and well organized.

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