Quick and Easy Ways to Ensure a Restful Night of Sleep

Quick and Easy Ways to Ensure a Restful Night of Sleep

It’s no secret that sleep is an essential part of any person’s flourishing. We may feel invincible at what we do, especially during the day when our energy level is at its peak. We’re at the top of our work, we multitask, and we hang out to expand our connections—all because we are capable of doing so!

But when the sun sets and the evening starts to creep over, that’s when we slowly feel the body sore, muscle strain, and aching head. The worst part is that we are mentally drained, and all we want to do is grab a pillow and lie down in bed. Yet, many of us struggle to sleep well at night for varying reasons. A poll shows that people who are deprived of quality sleep are likely to become irritable and inefficient.

Aside from making us tired and moody, lack of sleep can also have a serious effect on our health. We are at risk of easily getting sick since lack of sleep disrupts our immune system defenses.

Quick and Easy Ways to Ensure a Restful Night of Sleep

If you find yourself tossing around your bed at night, struggling to get that sleep you very much dreamed of having, try these 5 easy ways to help you sleep better and longer:

1. Be Wise With What You Eat and Drink

The food you intake plays a role in how well you sleep, especially at bedtime. Avoid eating foods that contain caffeine, like chocolate, before bedtime, as it can keep you awake for up to 12 hours. Alcohol has similar effects to caffeine since it acts as a stimulant. Alcohol may help you relax at first, but after a few hours, it will interfere with your sleep cycle and eventually decrease the quality of your sleep. More so, stay away from anything spicy or acidic, as these can give you heartburn.  

2.  Exercise Regularly

The benefits of exercising daily go beyond trimming down those extra calories. Regular exercise also helps you overcome the symptoms of insomnia since, the more physically active you are, the more you can gain deep, restorative sleep. Even doing light exercise like brisk walking for just 15 minutes a day helps improve sleep quality. In the evening, you can also do low-impact exercises like yoga and gentle stretching, which are good for blood circulation as well.

3. Empty Your Thoughts

We all have our own problems to deal with, and problems are certainly an inherent part of life. But, if residual worry, stress, and frustration are piling up too much in your head, causing you to have difficulty in sleeping, then you need to wind down and clear your head. Learn to curb your worry habit, or develop a relaxing bedtime ritual such as listening to mellow music, reading your favorite book, dimming the room lights, or using an air diffuser to create a relaxing scent in your room. These can help you empty your thoughts at bedtime.

4. Optimize Your Sleep Schedule  

A powerful way to getting better sleep is to take control of your sleeping schedule. Set a fixed wake-up time and stick with it, so your body gets accustomed to a healthy sleep routine. The best way to set your body clock is to wake up each day at the same time. Also, to sleep better at night, be careful when taking naps during the day. Although napping helps make up for lost hours of sleep, it can interfere with your sleep schedule at night. To avoid this, limit your napping time between 15 to 20 minutes only.

5. Create a Self-Inducing Space

Even if you’ve already followed the 4 ways mentioned earlier, if your sleeping place is a mess and full of distractions, you’re still a step away from getting that restful sleep at night. To make your bedroom a place of relaxation and comfort, use a quality mattress so your bed feels more inviting and comfortable to sleep on. Moreover, use a pillow that will provide proper support to your back, so you’ll avoid waking up with a stiff neck and aching back.

Quick and Easy Ways to Ensure a Restful Night of Sleep

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced having trouble sleeping at night. Restless nights do not only give us weary mornings; they can also cause serious damage to our physical and mental well-being if not addressed properly and immediately. So, before you resort to taking sleeping pills, it’s always worth a shot to follow the 5 easy ways to ensure that you get a restful night of sleep. After all, our health is our greatest treasure, so let’s make sure that it’s well cared for. 

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