Celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day with Teleflora

Share some love and bring a smile to your love one’s faces this Valentine’s Day with Teleflora’s handmade with love bouquets.

Valentine’s Day! It’s the one day that most flowers are delivered to spouses, girlfriends and everyone that you love. This is my 2nd year celebrating Valentine’s Day without my mother whom I lost 2 years ago. I would send her flowers on Valentine’s Day because she was my love, and she also loved me unconditionally and she was also the only mother that I would ever have. My mother-in-law, who I considered my other mother, also receives flowers and she gets excited when she does. There’s nothing quite like surprising a loved one with flowers from Teleflora. These floral bouquets are professionally arranged by a florist that is local to your area. They are freshly cut, carefully prepared and handmade with love. You know when you get a bouquet from Telefora that they are going to be fresh. I love receiving them to use as decor for my entry way table and their aromatic fragrances just delight your senses as soon as you walk in the door.

I have had to wait on occasion sometimes 3 days for my bouquet to fully bloom but when it does, it’s amazing! I am no good at taking care of flowers, but it seems like Teleflora’s bouquets just seem to take care of themselves. They just seem to last forever and they look great even after a week or two. If you’re into flower pressing, then these are just the bouquets you need to do the job. I have quite a collection of pressed flowers from former bouquets that I have received from Teleflora that are just awesome. Can you tell how much I love them? Enough about me! If you’re considering surprising someone you love this Valentine’s day, by giving them that will make them smile and think of you, take a look at Teleflora’s 2017 floral collection and their keepsake containers.

Teleflora’s Shining Heart Bouquet

This beautiful bouquet comes straight from the heart. It’s ceramic keepsake vase is adorned with a sparkling rhinestone heart and combines a vibrant mix of  red roses, purple alstroemeria, red carnations, huckleberry and other lush floral stems. What better way to say “I Love You” than with this keepsake.

I had a choice of bouquets to choose from and I chose this one. I have never been disappointed ever in a Teleflora bouquet and this was no exception.

Teleflora’s Love’s Passion Bouquet

The name speaks for itself, this is a bouquet filled with passion and romance. Just look at that elegant, luscious twisted red glass design. It’s the perfect vase for your sophisticated lady. This bouquet will surely spice up your night by catching your Valentine’s attention. With classic red roses, tulips and white Asiatic lilies, it’s an unforgettable symbol of love.

Teleflora’s True Lovelies Bouquet

Looking to surprise you Valentine sweetheart and make their heart dance? This particular bouquet will not only delight, but it’ll let them know that they are truly loved. This bouquet dazzles with red roses, delicate pink alstroemeria, seeded eucalyptus, and other fresh blooms, and is delivered in a pretty pink feminine keepsake vase, with gold metallic script message that reads “loved”.

Teleflora’s Swirling Heart Bouquet

How about celebrating a friendship or that special family member that is closest to your heart? Then this charming floral bouquet will surely brighten their day and make them smile. Just check out the glazed stoneware container with it’s intricate heart design. It’s a keepsake that they’ll cherish forever. This bouquet is filled with dark pink and red roses, dark pink and light pink miniature carnations and accented with fresh variegated pittosporum. I can think of so many ways to reuse this swirling heart cube container and I’m sure so will they, and whenever they see it, they’ll be reminded forever of your love.

Teleflora has such a vast selection of bouquets and gift ideas and it may be difficult to choose your favorite, that’s understandable. I always have a difficult time too. However, if you’re still looking for flowers for your loved one, or flowers just to make that special someone in your life smile, then be sure to visit Teleflora. All of these bouquets are currently available on Teleflora and come in standard, deluxe or premium sizes.

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