ECR4Kids Seater Totter 2-in-1 Combination Chair Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review. 

All opinions are my own.

I love anything that make my life easier and don’t take up a lot of space especially since I have quite a bit of toys and my room isn’t that big. When I received my Seater Totter I was pleasantly surprised. It was made of plastic and it was very simple to set up. There aren’t that many toys that are this simple.

The Seater Totter came with picture instructions instead of worded instructions but was very easy to follow. Even mommy who hates reading instructions and setting things up was able to do it for me. Usually daddy does all the work but mommy did it this time. Yay mommy!

This came with 6 simple parts and included screws and a huge screwdriver. All parts are made of plastic and according to ECR4Kids are also fade resistant. I really loved the very bright colors as well so I’m glad that they are going to stay that way.

Once everything is set up it I can use it as a rocker and with a quick flip it turns into a chair. It is also very stable so there’s no fear of me tipping it over. I loved how I’m able to have to have my feet placed in-front of me instead of to the side like most rockers are. There are even a feet guide there for my little feet. 

The chair is also stable and I can climb in and out with ease. It is perfect for me for when I want to read a book or even when I want to eat a fun snack. It does say that it’s for kids up to 36-months so I have another year and a half to enjoy this.

Because this was so simple to use mommy decided to make a quick little video showing how it is done. A little flip is all that’s needed to get it done.  

You can purchase your own Seater Totter from

I love my Seater Totter from ECR4Kids and give them my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!


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