Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids

This week, with the weather getting cooler, I decided that I wanted to do a bit of crafting with my little one. Madison is now 3 and just loves doing crafts. I think she loves knowing that she made it all by herself, and it gives her the confidence that we all want our kids to have. The holidays are coming up, and I’m not talking about Halloween. I’m talking about Thanksgiving.

She’s not too young to learn about Thanksgiving and I wanted to teach her that Thanksgiving is not all about turkeys. She however loves animals and so we decided to do a pinecone craft. So what did we do? We made a Pinecone Turkey. This craft is super easy to do and all the materials can be found easily as well. I happened to get most of them at my dollar store and my pinecones just laying under a tree.

Here is what you’ll need:




Googly Eyes





Step 1: Cut your felt into little triangles. This would form your turkey’s beak.

Step 2:
With a little bit of glue added to your felt, attach your beak to your pinecone where you want your beak to be. You want to invert your triangle so it’s upside down when you attach it.

Step 3:
Now it’s time for your googly eyes. With a little bit of glue to each eye, attach the eyes at the ends of the felt. I’ve found that this way the eyes stay on a lot better than attaching them to the pinecone directly.

Step 4: Now it’s time to attach those turkey feathers. I cut my feathers in half so that way they are more in line with my pinecones. With a little bit of glue attached to each feather, I attached my feathers directly to my pinecone. You can add as many feathers as you want.

Now you’re done and there’s nothing like a sense of accomplishment when it’s all over and done with. Madison loved that she did it on her own and I love that I was able to do something with her. It not only brings us closer together when we do crafts together but it also shows me that my little girl is growing up. We were able to do a craft and discuss the true meaning of thanksgiving which made it a 2-in-1 activity.

Let’s discuss: What arts and crafts have you been doing with your little one this fall? 

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