Deck Your Tree with Personalization Mall Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love quoting one of my favorite Christmas songs and you may have noticed that I mention it quite a lot around this time. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go”, in particular the stores have all been decorated and the malls have their amazing Christmas trees. I have always loved a well decked out tree and while I don’t do the more the merrier when it comes to my decorations, I do have a bit on my tree. This year I let the kids decorate whichever way they wanted and so one side has a bit more decoration than the other and the back might even have more than the front. You know what? My OCD didn’t kick in where I had to had it all even, for once I was the super chill mom who said “good job!”, even though I really wanted to say “can we do it all over again, but this time my way?”. However there was one thing missing from my tree and something that I’ve always wanted to have and that has been personalized ornaments and I knew just where to go. Personalization Mall  the one place you can get your personalized ornaments at a very reasonable price.

It has always been the deal breaker for me when ordering personalized items. The price. I really needed a few ornaments since I already had my personalized Christmas stockings hanging on my mantle awaiting St. Nick’s arrival. Let’s hope none of the kids get coal this year although I know one of them is certainly headed that way. I took a look at their ornaments and I fell in love so many that it was so difficult choosing. I ended up choosing 2 that were personalized for the family and 2 for my pet cockers, Bentley and Ella. It’s going to be their first Christmas with us and since they were part of the family, I wanted to include them as well on our tree. Yes they do have pet ornaments as well, as a matter of fact they have ornaments for lots of different occasions. When they arrived I was truly blown away by the detail to packaging. They came in a beautiful velvet pouch which will protect them even after the holidays are over.

These ornaments not only looked great out of the packaging but they looked amazing in the tree as well, and best of all they were exactly how I pictured that they would be.  From the 3D detailing to the professional engraving and even the simple red holiday ribbon which makes it easy to hang, they were just what I was looking for. I was extremely pleased and everyone was happy.

So if you’re looking for something that will make you and your family’s Christmas much more memorable and special, I’m here to suggest Personalization Mall. You can start a tradition of one personalized ornament a year and think of it as something that you can pass on down to your kids and grandkids and the future generations. This is something that I personally plan on doing and I think this will help with my family tree, starting with me. So go ahead and order your own personalized ornament today and spread some holiday cheer. Find the one that is right for you and create your own unique ornament today!

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