Ways You Can Give Back This Holiday Season

The world is full of people who are struggling, but it’s never more obvious than during the holidays. 

But if you want to make the world a better place, you don’t have to be a billionaire humanitarian to help out. 

There are many ways you can help those in need without depleting your savings account, from volunteering, baking cookies for the local firefighters, or participating in a fundraiser. 

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of simple ways to give back this holiday season. 

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Ways to Give Back

1. Cook a Big Meal for the Less Fortunate

Do you like cooking and want to make a difference? The Ronald McDonald House needs volunteers all over the country who can prepare home-cooked meals for the families of sick children staying in nearby hospitals. If volunteering isn’t an option, consider making Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to gift the homeless. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can make Dollar Store Homeless Blessing Bags full of non-perishable items and toiletries that would last a few days. 

2. Adopt Soldiers or Veterans who are Alone

Soldiers and veterans have sacrificed so much, and as you know, many of them are unable to go back home during the holidays. This can be particularly lonely. So if you’d like to contribute in a meaningful way, consider adopting a soldier for the holidays. There are many Adopt a Service Member programs that connect service members with local families who would like to host them for the holidays. Click here for more info on how you can help.  

3. Bake Cookies for Firefighters and Cops

Firefighters put themselves on the line every single day. Show your support for their hard work and sacrifice with a fresh batch of cookies and other goodies. Get the little ones involved and spend an afternoon baking and decorating. When they’re ready to go, hand them out to your local heroes. 

4. Raise Money for Animal Shelters

Animal shelters don’t have many resources, so they’re always in need of donations, volunteers, and supplies. So if you’d like to lend a hand, here are some excellent ways to do it:

  • Host a pet-friendly garage sale or a bake sale to raise money for the shelter. You can make cookies shaped like dogs, cats, and fish, or bake doggy snacks to sell around the neighborhood. 
  • If you can take decent pics, volunteer to take photos of the animals in a way that captures their essence to help them find their forever homes.
  • Make a post on Facebook and ask friends, family, and coworkers to donate pet food or money to the local shelters.
  • Raise awareness by sharing the shelter’s social media posts. Maybe someone in your family is looking for a new pet. 
Ways to Give Back

In Conclusion: 

There are plenty of other ways to give back, as well. You can volunteer to tutor your friends’ kids or offer to babysit or pet sit for a neighbor. Make a quilt for people in need, or join the Meals on Wheels program and deliver a warm meal to seniors in need all over the country. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot to give. Sometimes, a little bit of anything goes a long, long way. 

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