Pancake Bubble Waffle

Can’t decide between pancakes & a waffle? Try this Pancake Bubble Waffle Recipe for a sweet breakfast treat!

Breakfast is an essential part of the day, and nothing beats a delicious homemade pancake bubble waffle. Making your own pancakes with pre-made pancake mix is an incredibly easy way to get started on your breakfast journey.

Today, we’ll be exploring how you can make a delightful pancake bubble waffle using premade pancake mix. We’ll also discuss why breakfast is so important and how it can help take your mornings to the next level.

Why Is Breakfast So Important?

Breakfast is often referred to as “the most important meal of the day” and rightfully so! Having breakfast provides our bodies with fuel that helps us stay alert throughout the morning and keeps us energized throughout our daily tasks.

It also helps us absorb essential vitamins and minerals required for optimal health as well as helping regulate blood sugar levels which can prevent cravings later on in the day. Furthermore, having a healthy breakfast has been linked to improved moods, focus levels and overall performance at work or school.

In short, making sure that you start each day off right by having a nutritious breakfast can help keep you feeling good both physically and mentally throughout your day!

Now that we’ve got that out the way, lets get on to making our pancake bubble waffle.

Pancake Bubble Waffle

Pancake Bubble Waffle

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

Serves: 4


2 cups of prepared premade pancake mix

1 cup of blueberries

1 cup of raspberries

1 cup of whipping cream (prepared)

Lemon to zest

Bubble waffle maker


  1. Pour ½ cup of batter into a pre heated bubble waffle maker. 
  1. Count to 10 and then flip the machine. Wait until the light indicates done. 
  1. Flip Machine, and wait 30 seconds before opening. Open and gently peel off the waffle.
  1. Top with fruit, lemon zest and whipping cream. 

This delightful pancake bubble waffle is not only eye-catching, but also bursting with flavor and texture. Every bite leaves you wanting more; the blueberries and raspberries offer a subtle sweetness, while the lemon zest adds a hint of zingy freshness. Finish it off with a dollop of creamy whipping cream and you’ve got one amazing breakfast treat!

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