How to Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party for Kids


Looking for some fun and easy ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the kids? Check out these tips on how to throw an exciting party for your little ones!

Cinco de Mayo Party

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a family-friendly Cinco de Mayo party near you this year. More often, celebrating the holiday means paying a babysitter and paying even more for overpriced tequila at a bar. Where’s the fun in that? Consider throwing a Cinco de Mayo party for the kids this year, and you’ll have fun, too!

Start with the basics: set up a make-your-own taco bar. Use colorful bowls to arrange all of the potential toppings, but keep spicy options out of reach of the kids. Make sure there are utensils in each bowl to keep dirty hands out of the fixings, and supervise little ones as they concoct the perfect taco.

How to Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party for Kids

Serve Mexican sodas and virgin Margaritas to drink.

Jarritos colorful sodas are readily available in grocery stores, and come in 11 very unique flavors, including guava and hibiscus. They’re sure to be crowd-pleasers. There are quite a few ways to make a virgin Margarita, but we especially like this recipe.

Set out sliced mango and churros for dessert.

In case you’re not familiar with them, churros are fried dough pastries covered in cinnamon sugar. Get them at a bakery, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can make them at home. You can get inspiration from Pinterest, as there are many recipes there you can follow.

Be sure to play mariachi music!

This rich musical tradition is immediately recognizable as part of Mexican culture. The instruments that characterize mariachi are the violin, guitar, trumpet, guitarrón (essentially a bass guitar), and the vihuela (slightly larger than a ukulele). Since they perform in stunning, traditional attire (the charro suit), hiring a band to play at your party would make for an awesome addition.

Make the experience educational by using Spanish flashcards in your décor.

Tape the cards to various objects at the party, so the kids can learn the language while they play!

Speaking of décor, use bright colors (especially vivid greens, pinks, blues, and oranges) to spice up the atmosphere! Hang traditional papel picado banners for authenticity. While cacti and chili peppers might not exactly be kid-friendly, you can make or buy your own crafty versions to hang or set out on tables.

Play traditional Mexican games.

For “Stealing the Sombrero,” each child will need a sombrero. They can be made out of paper, if you can’t afford or don’t want to purchase so many. Attach a sombrero to each child’s back. When the music begins, each child must try to steal another child’s sombrero without losing their own.

It’s similar to musical chairs in that you’ll start and stop the music to signal the beginning and end of each round. Kids who lose their hats are out until there are only two remaining (and they are the winners). Other popular games are telefono descompuesto (telephone game), La Gallinita Ciega (duck duck goose), La Roña (tag), and brincar la cuerda (jump rope).

Don’t forget the piñata!

If there’s one thing that screams fiesta for kids, it’s a piñata! Consider filling it with Mexican candy-like pica fresca (strawberry gumballs with some spice to them), De La Rosa Marzapan (not safe for kids with peanut allergies, though), or Pulparindo (tamarind fruit candy with bits of chili peppers). These goodies can be found at Mexican grocery stores or online.

In Conclusion

With a little bit of preparation, your Cinco de Mayo party will be an event to remember! Make sure to take photos and post them on social media to share the fun with friends and family. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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