My 4th of July 2014 – AWW

Welcome to another Almost Wordless Wednesday! Now Wordless Wednesday usually have only photos with of course no words. Since I love talking I can never quite get that right so I started my own Almost Wordless Wednesday.

I shared a printable with you but I really want to share my 4th of July with you as well. I’m so sorry but although there were fireworks, I didn’t stay for them because I was too tired by then. I did get to see them for the very first time from my house and they were absolutely amazing!

I bet you are surprised seeing a photo of mommy. Yes she likes to stay in the background and you very rarely see her. Today is your lucky day. Now lets count the days until you see her again. Now since I’m sharing my mommy, how about a picture of daddy to go along with that? After all you can’t have milk without cookies.

My day started off in the afternoon with a trip to the park. Here’s a tip for you other mommies. Don’t go any earlier than 8pm in the summer if you intend to watch the fireworks with your toddlers. Mommy and daddy decided that we were going to go at 6pm. So you know what happened right? By 8pm I was all worn out and just wanted to go home and rest.

I did get to enjoy myself at the park and even got a balloon from a clown who worked for tips, and yes I did give him a tip. My day ended with me flying in the air. Well not actually flying but daddy sure made it seem that way.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July and next year I promise to have fireworks to show you.

So how did you enjoy your 4th of July? 

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