What to Expect at Your 2 Year Toddler Visit #ThrowbackThursday

As most of you my regular reader know, I just celebrated my 2 year birthday. Yes I am now in the terrible two’s, well according to everyone that is. Is there really such a thing? I think that is just something made up to scare parents into making us behave. Mommy on the other hand has the perfect little girl. Well I like to think of myself as the perfect little girl. There has been the occasional melt downs in the stores, but that only happens when I’m tired and mommy wants to go to that “just one more store”. I swear that’s the name of the store where I always have my meltdown. It’s called “just one more store”. Don’t ever get caught in that store!

Today I want to share with you a little about what to expect at your little one’s 2 year well baby or as I like to call it, your well toddler visit to the doctor. I myself just had my very own visit and it was an experience. Mommy’s photos were taken using her cell phone so don’t expect high quality photos today.

The first thing once you check in with your doctor at the reception desk, you will more than likely be given a little check list to fill out. On that paper you will be asked lots of questions. Here is a few of them that will more than likely be on there.

  • How much milk does your toddler drink on a daily basis? – apparently we really only need about 24 ounces of milk. We do need the calcium but we can also get that from cheese and yogurt. 
  • How much fruits and veggies does your toddler eat? Mommy found out that 100% juice is good but the doctor prefers your little one actually eating the fruit. 
  • Can your toddler say 50 – 100 words? No I cannot and there’s nothing wrong with your little one not saying 50 – 100 words. Now if your little one doesn’t understand basic 2 step commands now you may need to worry. 

Now although those questions are on the form, your doctor will once again ask you those very same questions. Kinda defeats the purpose of filling out that questionnaire don’t you think?

Well before you get to see the doctor you will be weighed and measured. You doctor wants to know that you have grown correctly since the last time they saw you, both in height and weight. I needed to be proportionate, not quite like Barbie but a big jump or decline, especially in my weight might be need for concern. Luckily everything was good.

Even my big head was measured. I’m not joking when I say that my head is big either. The average head circumference for a toddler girl is about 20 inches and mine was 24. I was in the 84th percentile according to my doctor. Not to worry, I’ll grow into it eventually.

Now it was time to see my doctor after getting all my measurements taken care of. The doctor once again asked the same questions that mommy answered on her questionnaire along with a few others such as:

  • Does your toddler sleep through the night? What about naps? 
  • How much TV does your little one watch throughout the day? 
  • What does your toddler eat? Does it include protein? If not then your doctor would give her recommendations. Since I’m not a big fan of meat, it was recommended that mommy introduce Greek Yogurt which would help with my protein intake. 
  • Are you potty training? Since each child is different it was also recommended that mommy follow my queues. 

According to my doctor, I can now be disciplined and mommy needs to be consistent. Yeah right! Even if mommy was consistent, daddy is a softie so I will always get away with stuff.

After all the question asking and answering your doctor will now perform her own little exam. She listens to your heart and then also does a physical exam. It’s also your turn to ask all the questions that you want to ask because the next time you see your doctor may be a year from now. That is unless your little one gets sick.

If you’re worried about whether your little one will receive vaccinations at this stage, don’t worry about it. Unless you missed your previous vaccinations there will be no vaccines until the age of 4. I did receive my flu shot since we are in the middle of the flu season. At age 2 your little one can receive the flu-mist which is recommended for ages 2 – 49. Since I wasn’t feeling well mommy decided on the shot instead. I am such a big girl I didn’t even shed a tear.

Now the 2 year well toddler visit has been one of the easiest visits to date. It’s all about questions and answers so make it count!

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