Make Spring Time Fun with Roma Boots

Can you believe that it’s Spring? I’ve been waiting for Old Man Winter to leave so I can really begin to smell the flowers and bask in the sunshine. While Spring isn’t always kind to me, in regard to allergies, it does however give me the chance to spruce up my wardrobe with a little something called Spring Cleaning. Madison is no exception and as a Roma Boots Ambassador she got in on her wardrobe sprucing a bit earlier. As you know, I am a big fan of charitable companies and Roma Boots is no exception. For every boot that you purchase, Roma Boots also give one to a child in need, thus the hashtag #GivingPovertyTheBoot! And they are not just getting a free boot, they are getting a boot that’s filled with educational supplies. What better way to beat poverty than through education, and so my love of Roma Boots began. I’m a big fan of education and believe that every child, no matter their circumstances, deserves one.

Madison was sent the Ilona toddler boot from their art kids collection. She was so excited when she received it. Not only is it different from the other spring boots that she’s owned in the past, but the beauty of the artwork was spectacular. They are now one of her go to boots and we’ve been waiting for the rains to pour so she can run around and jump in puddles. However, don’t mistake these for your boring humdrum rain boots, these can be worn all year round, rain or shine. These also laced up giving it that extra pizzazz. Most certainly not your grandma’s boots!

With your traditional natural rubber outsole that is textured to give you extra stability when running around, so you know that you’re not slipping and sliding. It also has a quick dry knitted cotton lining and a multi-layered cushioned insole. One thing that I always ask Madison whenever we try shoes on, is to run around in it, see how comfy it feels, and she assures me that these are very comfy. She even showed me by running around a few times, so I totally believe her.

Here’s something to note if you just fell in love with these and JUST HAVE TO HAVE A PAIR. They do run about 1/2 size bigger than your normal size, so be careful when ordering. Fortunately, Roma Boots not only have boots for kids, but adults as well, in a variety of colors and patterns, so there’s a boot to match every style. We’ve got quite a few compliments and have been asked where we’ve gotten them, and we’re not only happy to say but also share what owning a pair means. This is not just about looking good, but doing good as well.

So if you’re looking to help a child in need and also give your wardrobe a makeover, I suggest picking up a pair of Roma Boots. You’re going to be happy you did. Don’t forget that with every pair of Roma Boots that you purchase, a brand new pair filled with school supplies is also donated, and that’s not all, 10% of all their sales proceeds also goes to the Roma For All Foundation.To make it even more enticing to you, all my readers get 25% off your order by using code MADISON. It really doesn’t get any sweeter than this. Now hurry and get your favorite pair and Let’s Give Poverty The Boot!

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Let’s discuss: What’s your impression of Roma Boots if you’ve never heard of them? And are boots part of your Spring wardrobe?

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